3 Reasons Why Yo! Sushi Should Answer Your Next Japanese Food Cravings

Japanese food has definitely made its way far beyond the islands of Japan. Ramen, sushi, katsu, and sashimi are often craved for and enjoyed for all occasions, especially in the UK. Yo! Sushi, made Japanese cuisine a lot more accessible and enjoyable in the British Isles, with more than fifty branches in the country.

If you haven’t had a chance to give it a go, though, here are three reasons why you shouldn’t miss going to Yo! Sushi the next time you feel like having some Japanese food for dinner.

It connects diners to modern Tokyo.

Hip and contemporary, Yo Sushi made its mark in the UK for stepping away from the traditional Japanese imagery without deviating totally from it. Instead of going for the zen and typically traditional izakaya (Japanese gastropub) look, Yo! Sushi took cues after the contemporary, urban Tokyo.

As soon as you step inside a Yo! Sushi location, you’ll know you’re in for a ride. It’s quite a thrill, really, because every Japanophile will enjoy their time here.

Traditional Japanese Food Served with Tokyo at Heart

Employing the ‘kaiten’ or conveyor belt sushi bar concept, it mixes the Japanese industrial design with traditional Japanese cuisine. Restaurants have a long moving conveyor belt that brings food to diners, color coded according to price and serving size. Customers can also order in advance for takeaway or order online for delivery.

As for the food, you can expect the usual Japanese fanfare. Sushis, rolls, nigiris, gyozas, sashimis, sobas, okonomiyakis, rice bowls, tempuras, katsus, udons, and ramens and many others can be found in their menu. Nothing experimental or fusioned with western cuisine, so if you’re hankering for a great Japanese meal, they might just solve your cravings.

Their design will blow you away.Their design will blow you away. - PriceGuidelady.co.uk

Inspired by the anime and manga culture of today, the restaurant is all modern, pop, youthful, and bursting with energy. The website alone will make you feel like you’ve just clicked on a trendy Japanese website, but instead of Asian fashion and art, it features food.

They even won a Webby Award in 2010 as the ‘Best Restaurant Website in the World’.

Their actual stores are more utilitarian. As they use a conveyor belt to take their food around, so the interiors have an industrial touch to it without sacrificing the diners’ comfort.

Unique and designed to stand out, Yo! Sushi is more than just about the food and is definitely about giving its diners a whole new experience.

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