3 Ways to Get Cheaper Vue Cinema Ticket Prices

The Vue cinema ticket prices are already reasonable – moviegoers enjoy state-of-the-art cinema facilities, watch the latest blockbuster hits, and get excellent services, after all.

But there are ways that these can be made even more affordable! Here’s how.

Check Out the Family Ticketbook

In most cinema chains, the tickets for children (i.e., 17 years old and below) are usually more affordable than those for adults. The substantial discount, which can be as much as 30% below the standard ticket price, results in more opportunities for children to enjoy the movies with their parents. Indeed, watching movies can become the quality time that families should be spending with each other at least twice a month!

This is true for the Vue ticket prices, thanks to the Family Ticketbook promo. In a Vue Family Ticket, even the adults will only be required to pay the children’s ticket prices for movies with a rating of U, PG, or 12A. These are all family-friendly movies so even the youngest child in the family can watch.

Book Mini Mornings Tickets

The savings are major with the Mini Mornings tickets! Every child and adult will pay only £2.49 each to watch family-friendly movies – and we love the price, too.

Mini Mornings, however, have a limited run. You can only book the tickets from March 10, 2017 to October 30, 2017 except for the period from August 19, 2017 to September 3, 2017. You have to book the tickets in time for the Saturday and Sunday morning runs starting at 10 a.m. when the promo is valid. You may even take your kids to Mini Mornings during their school holidays.

You have to register for the Mini Mornings tickets and book them online. You will then receive a notification email with information about the viewing times, among other matters.

But that’s not all either. For every Mini Mornings ticket purchased, you will also get one free child admission to a fun place – the Legoland Windsor Resort. Talk about getting double savings on entertainment that kids actually enjoy.

Avail of the Super Days

Your kids will make you feel like a superhero – or at least, a superhero dad or a superhero mum – when you give them regular cinema experiences even during the weekdays. The Vue cinema chain’s Super Days promo makes it possible!

Basically, the Super Days provide moviegoers with generous discounts in many of the chain’s locations, such as in Livingston, Birmingham, and Newbury. You must also register for the promo online and you will be provided with the discount code, identification number, and other details.

Emphasis must be made that terms and conditions apply on all three of these promos. For example, the Super Days promo cannot be used with other promos offered by the cinema chain. But don’t sweat it as regardless of the promo you choose, you will still get substantial discounts.

Aside from these specific ways to get cheaper Vue cinema ticket prices, you should also adopt other cost-saving measures at the cinema. You can skip the 3D upgrades, for example, since these add to the cost of the Super Days ticket. You should also consider eating at home before coming to the cinema, sharing the expenses for the snacks, and using your credit card privileges.

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