4 Reasons Why Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar is a Great Choice for Family Dinners

international cuisine.Deciding on where to go for dinner with the whole family can be a huge pain if each one has a specific thing on their mind. If compromising isn’t your loved one’s strong suit, then maybe it’s time to head to Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar for some chow.

Jimmy’s is a chain of buffet restaurants with a number of locations all over the UK. They describe their food as “world cuisine”, as the name suggests, because they offer dishes that have originated from various parts of the globe.

A visit to this restaurant will easily expose you to Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, American, Japanese, and some British food that will tickle your taste buds and excite your palate.

But what makes Jimmy’s a great dinner destination for the entire brood and maybe some extended family? Here are four reasons that might just make you come around.

1. International Cuisine

They offer international cuisine. If you always find it difficult to decide where to get dinner because of conflicting tastes and cravings, a buffet like Jimmy’s is the best way to solve your woes.

They serve food from different cuisines all over the world, as mentioned earlier, so you definitely won’t run out of options.

Mum wants some sushi? You’ll find some nice sushi and sashimis here. Dad’s craving for some dim sum? A Chinese station is available. Teenagers looking for pasta? They’ve also got some nice Italian cuisine waiting to be munched on!

2. Live Cooking Stations

If one of your dining companions also require some entertainment, Jimmy’s also have “livelive-cooking-stations-priceguidelady-co-ukcooking stations” where you can watch staff cook your food right in front of you. Cooking may not sound like a riveting performance, but if your family isn’t really big on eating out at restaurants with open kitchens, watching a chef do his magic with a wok can be pretty captivating.

This is also great for those who don’t like to munch on food that they suspect has been sitting on the warmer for a while already. If you have a picky eater who always look for freshly cooked meals, they can still get a hefty serving with this offering from Jimmy’s.

3. Great Prices

Depending on the day of the week, and vouchers are also easily available. Feeding the whole family can create a hole in your pocket, but with Jimmy’s friendly prices, great servings, and vouchers, you’re sure to get a major bang for your buck here.

4. Halal Meat

Those with dietary restrictions might also enjoy the fact that Jimmy’s only serve Halal meat. This means that their beef and poultry are prepared in accordance with religious laws. So, even if you’re going out with Muslim relatives or friends, Jimmy’s can still be a good choice for excellent meals.

Give Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar a go and see for yourself why this is a top choice for families and friends alike.

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