4 Ways to Have Fun Outside in Whipsnade

With summer in full term, keeping the kids inside the house seems like a cruel thing to do. So, if you’re in Whipsnade or will be visiting soon, here are some fun places you can take the little ones to for a fun day outside

Once known as the Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, the Whipsnade Zoo owned by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) alongside the ZSL London Zoo in London. It offers 60 acres of land area and promotes the conservation of animals and their habitats.

There are lots of things to see at the Whipsnade Zoo. Visitors can enjoy different exhibits like the Passage through Asia where guests can drive through a large paddock to see the animals like the camels, yak, chital, deer, Blackbuck, and hog deer. They also have rhinos, elephants, cheetahs, and their major exhibits: the Lions of Serengeti. They also have a small Children’s Farm and a Discovery Center where small exotic animals are found. Due to the size of the zoo, guests can drive their own cars through the exhibitions or take the bus service to explore the area.

Dunstable Downs

Spend an educational day with the kids at the Dunstable Downs and learn more about the natural landscape and its history. Being a part of the Chiltern Hills, this area are chalk escarpments that make the highest point of Bedfordshire. There are lots of things to see in the Downs as it is home to wide variety of wildlife including rare wild flowers like the Bee Orchid. You might also be able to spot a number of butterfly species in the area, like the Chakhill Blue and Marbled White

Aside from the wonderful natural area, there are also a number of activities that you can do here. Folks can fly kites and gliders enjoy hang gliding and paragliding here as well.

Whipsnade Tree CathedralWhipsnade Tree Cathedral - PriceGuideLady.co.uk

Feel closer with nature at the Whipsnade Tree Cathedral. This unique destination is very interesting even if it only features trees as these were planted to mimic a medieval cathedral. Complete with grass avenues for chancel, nave, transepts, cloisters, and chapels, it is also used as a religious site for services for different denominations.

When you visit the Whipsnade Tree Cathedral, you and your kids can enjoy long walks or horseback riding. There are also chapels meant for each of the four seasons that you can check out. As it covers 9.5 acres, guests can do a lot on their trip here.

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