5 Facts About Odeon Theatre You Probably did not Know

Cinema chains are very important to look into very carefully because movie tickets are getting more and more expensive as time passes on. Luckily, for those in the UK there is at least one really good theatre chain that offers their consumers a lot of choices without being overtly expensive: Odeon Theatre chain.

For a lot of people you might just think that it’s as simple as walking to the ticket booth and buying the ticket for the movie you want to see but in the modern day there are several new gimmicks and features that you can avail of.

Here is a basic rundown of the 5 things about Odeon you might not be aware of, some of which you might want to give a try:

The Limitless Membership

This membership system requires you to pay a monthly fee but for those who do give it a try will be given a special card that allows them to watch as many movies as they want per month.

This is the perfect choice for film buffs who want to experience repeated viewings and for those who need to watch movies on a weekly basis.

The threatre’s name does not come from Oscar Deutsch

Publicists like to point out that the name of the Odeon Theatre is derived by its creator, Oscar Odeon. According to them the name is an acronym for Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation but the truth is the term “odean” is derived from Ancient Greek and is also the bases for the word “nickelodeon,” formerly referring to small cinemas in the United States.

Costa CoffeeCosta Coffee - PriceGuideLady.co.uk

Just about every branch of Odeon has a Costa Coffee branch which makes a lot of sense given that Costa is the leading coffee chain in the nation. As a matter of fact, Costa Coffee is far more popular in the UK than the global heavyweight, Starbucks Coffee.

Improvements brought on by a customer

Back in 2012 a customer named Matt Pledger made a complaint regarding Odean facilities and this complaint quickly went viral. Because of this, many of the theatres have seen massive improvements, particularly in the way the facilities are built. You’ll now see sound-proof walls, better quality videos and competitive ticket prices.

Largest theatre chain in Britain

If Odeon sounds like a familiar name that’s because it should be; it’s the largest theatre chain in Britain after all. To date there are over 800 screens spread across the theatres in Britain alone and this is exclusive of the number of IMAX screens that are offered.

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