5 Ridiculously Good Deals at Media Markt

We all know the high street stores are on a decline thanks to the huge popularity of, well, the internet. Just in the last decade, we’ve seen international giants crumble to dot-com companies whose beginnings were as humble as selling books out of their garage (I’m looking at you, Bezos), and companies turn down offers to buy competitors, only to be put out of business by those same competitors (think Netflix’s offer to the late Blockbusters). The ease of laying on your sofa, pantsless, and buying that new hoover you so desperately need to clean the crumbs from between the cushions, without ever leaving the house (much less, put on pants) is all too alluring.

It’s for this reason that the main high street retailers have had to take extreme action. They’ve done this in many ways, such as giving better customer service, refurbishing old stores, creating a generally nicer environment. But the one way they are losing (and the most important way) is through costs. Of course, it takes a huge amount of overheads to run a whole store (much less than selling from your garage). This is the one advantage the online stores have over the high street retailers.

So online stores cannot be beaten right? Wrong. And I’ll tell you the secret. Offers. That’s right, it’s binary, people will gladly leave their homes (even put on pants) if there is a chance they can save an extra buck. So the high street retailers are taking advantage of this, putting highly sought after items on sale for so cheap they are barely making a profit, just to get those customers through the door. Those customers then go on to pick up extra items in the store, keeping the store in business, and everybody is happy.

However, nobody is on the ball with this particular trend as Media Markt. And here we have some of the best deals they have right now:

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon is the forefather of the voice-controlled speaker. Sure, you have Google, who are doing amazing things with their Google Home range, but Amazon always seems to be a step ahead. And don’t let the name fool you, just because it’s classed as a “speaker” does not mean all it does is play your music. In fact, it can do so much more! Such as ordering a takeaway for you, answering a call, control your lights and heating, check the weather for you, and even order that Uber you told your friends you were in 20 minutes ago. This is a real piece of machinery, and right now at Media Markt, you can get it for just €29.99! That’s almost 50% off RRP.

Fitbit Alta

Summer is coming to an end, we’re heading into Fall and you know what that means? Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Pair that with the cold weather and baggy sweaters to hide the excess weight from all those “come on, it’s Christmas” cookies and you’re going to dread stepping on that weighing scale come January 1st. But stop right there! What if you had a fitness buddy sat right there on your wrist, shaming you to keep that summer body you worked so hard on? Well, for the ridiculously low price of just €49.99 you can pick up this Fitbit Alta from Media Markt. This would set you back almost €100 anywhere else, so you’re saving an amazing 50% as well as keeping in shape. You’ll thank me in the new year.

Nintendo Switch

If you don’t already have one of these then I can tell you from personal experience, you are missing out. It may not quite rival the PS4 or Xbox One in terms of hardware or gameplay, but for social gaming, there is nothing like it! Think of it as the Nintendo Wii U’s cool big brother. Imagine playing Mario Kart with 3 of your (soon to be ex) friends when all of a sudden you get the urge to head out. But your friends want to continue playing the game? That’s fine because you can take the thing with you! You’ve probably seen the (cheesy) adverts where a group of friends sit around a park bench playing 1-2-switch. The thing is, these adverts are exactly what you’ll find yourself doing. Coffee shop? Bring the Switch. Train commute? Bring the Switch. 10 years trapped on a desert island? Bring the Switch… and maybe a portable charger. You get the idea, and you can also get the Switch from Media Markt for just $249.99! That’s an unbelievable price for such a system.

UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker

But we’ve already covered a speaker? Sure, but none of the voice assistants on the market have quite the same impact as this monster from UE. It’s a dedicated Bluetooth Speaker, so unlike the voice assistant, this is all it does… and it does it well. Of course, it’s a Bluetooth speaker, so unlike the voice assistants, it isn’t connected to the wall with a wire. You can feel free to take this outside while you’re barbecuing away the last days of summer or having that pool party you’ve been saying you were going to have for the past 3 months, and you don’t have to worry about the speaker getting splashed as it’s waterproof. And with 15 hours of battery life, it has plenty enough to last you through the entire party (speaking as an almost 30-year-old this is enough, when I was 20… not so much). And of course, the main thing that sets it apart from a voice assistant is the quality of sound, and this particular beast comes with 360-degree audio with no loss of sound. This is going to set you back €99.99 anywhere else you go, but at Media Markt, you can pick this up for only €69.99!

Ipad 4 mini

If you haven’t already got an iPad than I guess you’re probably not too lazy to just get out your laptop when you need it. But if like me, you’re too lazy to sit up off of the sofa each time you need to search the internet on something bigger than your phone, then the iPad is a godsend. And these things just keep getting better and better. The iPad 4 is ridiculously thin and light, it feels better in your hand than cradling a newborn. As for the picture, if you were born after the millennium you’ve probably never seen a pixel in your life, but for the rest of us, we can really appreciate the crisp, clear retina display. It is literally the fastest iPad mini to date and you can certainly feel it, especially if (like me) you’ve moved to this device from an iPad mini 1, you’ll feel like you’ve hopped out of a Mini and into a Ferrari (that was a terrible metaphor but you get the idea). But starting at just €299 from Media Markt you won’t have to fork out the price for a Ferrari unless you order like a thousand of them. This is even €100 cheaper than Apple themselves are selling them. How do you like them apples?

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