5 Great Options at Toby Carvery for Those on an All-Vegetable Diet

If there’s one restaurant in the planet that you can expect to be loaded by meat, it would be a place that’s best known for their roasts like Toby Carvery. So, why would a vegetarian or even a vegan go to this place when they don’t even eat meat? Well, there are lots of instances that these folks with special diets are dragged into regular restaurants by friends and family, so it pays to know that there are now a number of vegan and vegetarian options at Toby Carvery.

Yes, you’ve read that right: Toby Carvery now has a number of menu items that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, so the whole family, no matter the dietary restriction can now visit any of their 150 locations in the UK. So, what are these options? Here are the five of the best ones you can enjoy:

Lentil Cottage Pie

Made from green lentils, carrots, and peas that are slowly cooked in a rich sauce and finished with a sweet parsnip mash on top, this item is cooked upon order and can be paired with the veggies on the carvery deck. Full of flavour and cooked to perfection, vegetarians and vegans would enjoy this menu offering.

Butternut Squash CrumbleButternut Squash Crumble - PriceGuideLady.co.uk

Those who are in for a filling meal would love this menu item as it is made with Roasted squash, brown rice, kale, tomato, and topped with a savoury herb crumble with a dash of squash and almond compote. This vegan-friendly dish will wow you as it tastes great and is also ideal for dieters with only 442 calories. So, whether you’re on an all-veg lifestyle or you’re just trying to shed some weight off, this dish can be a great pick.

Spiced Carrot and Chickpea Wellington

Want something with an extra kick? This dish is made from a great blend of chickpeas, carrots, and lentils, spiced with crushed chillies and wrapped in a whole grain ruff puff pastry. Topped with some squash and almond compote, it tastes slightly like an Indian dish.

Meat-Free Carvery

Each vegetarian main dish comes with unlimited vegetables offering, but you can also get this on its own if you’re not too keen on the main entrees and just want some roast. You get to choose which vegetables to get as they are readily available on the deck, but if you’re looking for vegan options, ask the servers if the ones available are cooked in butter first. In some restaurants, they prepare their veggies in butter, but are willing to steam a separate batch for you.

Broccoli & Brie Parcel

Another vegetarian option, this dish is a puff pastry filled with sliced mushrooms and broccoli florets with a rich cheese sauce and melted brie. It is quite indulgent and creamy.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian who have always said pass on roast, this might just turn you around and get you to visit Toby Carvery. They offer really great all-veg fare, so why not give them a shot?

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