5 Reasons to Dine at Toby Carvery

If you have never tried dining at Toby Carvery, well, why not? It’s a chain of restaurants with branches all over the UK, and it’s one of those places that you never forget once you have dropped by. It’s personally one of my favorite restaurants. Label me biased, but here are five reasons to dine at Toby Carvery (aside from the delicious food).


Toby Carvery restaurants are spread across the United Kingdom that I’m pretty sure you have seen one of them while driving around or on a holiday. Often, they are found alongside popular hotels, major roads, and shopping areas in the UK. It’s as if no matter where you go, there is a Toby Carvery waiting to cater to your every craving.

Children- and Vegetarian-Friendly

In other restaurants, you’re lucky if you get a kid’s meal or two on the menu. Not with Toby Carvery. They have an excellent range of choices for younger customers who may not like the same things as the adults. They even allow the experience of choosing their meals enjoyable for the children. The kids can pick their personal choice of meat, veggies, and even make their own sundae!

Another thing that Toby Carvery restaurants have always impressed me with is the incredibly extensive vegetarian choices. You will see vegetarian meals throughout their menus – from the breakfast menu to the children’s menu, they’ve got your back.

There are Vegan-friendly starters, salads, and drinks. Their vegetables are always served fresh and you can have as much as you want. The place is truly heaven-sent to those who struggle to keep up with their lifestyle while hanging out with non-Vegan friends and family.

All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast

Because who doesn’t like breakfast food? Toby Carvery has an amazing breakfast menu, and yes, you read it right, you can eat as much as you can. They even have cereal! There are also vegetarian breakfast meals and children’s vegetarian breakfast meals which prove my previous point.

Great and Affordable Deals All Year-Round

As if their unbelievably affordable pricing isn’t enough, Toby Carvery offers amazing deals all year round including discounts and special promos when you book online. This Christmas, you can order two- and three-course meals to host your family’s Christmas get-together or your office’s Christmas party. What a great way to kick off the holiday season!

The Friendly Staff

Toby Carvery restaurants stand out not just because of their delicious yet affordable food, but also the-friendly-staff-priceguidelady-co-ukbecause of their pleasant and friendly service. And it’s not just me – tons of other customers and reviewers have complimented both the waiters and the chefs of Toby about their friendliness and willingness to provide quality service. The chefs and managers make sure that you get exactly what you want and that you leave the place full and happy.

There is a reason (or better yet, lots of reasons) there is a Toby Carvery almost everywhere you go. Aside from the fine dining experience, prepare to get amazed by the quality of food and service you won’t get anywhere else in the same range.

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