5 Things to Love About Leon

If you’re already tired of having the same fast food meals over and over again, Leon is a great alternative that you should give a go. Founded in 2004, Leon’s naturally fast food concept offers menu items that you won’t easily find in other chains. Leon provides fresh and healthy casual dining options served faster and easier to take away.

Initially opened in Carnaby Street, a lot of Leon’s 33 restaurants in the UK are found in cities where you’ll find more creatives and young professionals. If you haven’t tried any of their dishes just yet, here are 5 things you might love about the healthy chain.

Healthy Eating without the Hassle

Most folks are put off by healthy eating because it can take so much effort to get and prepare. Leon’s naturally fast food concept turns the table around as it offers quick good food.

Now, you don’t have to spend a lot to have a sizeable amount of greens on your plate. You also don’t have to wait nearly half an hour to get your food. As Leon is still a fast food chain, you can expect to get your meals for less and in just a minute or two.

Convenient PackagingConvenient Packaging - PriceGuideLady.co.uk

One of the things patrons love about Leon’s is their packaging. Placed in disposable bowls and boxes, you can consume your meals straight from its packaging. Its convenience will really convince you that they’re a different breed of fast food.

Dietary Consciousness

If you always have to turn to expensive diners because of your dietary restrictions, Leon can still be a great place for you. They indicate nutritional facts in their menu, noting whether the item is wheat free (wf), gluten free (gf), vegetarian (v), vegan (ve), an indulgent treat (T), with low saturated fat, low glycemic load, and whether they contain nuts.

This makes conscious dining a lot easier, as you can easily monitor what’s going in your body with these pieces of information.

Wide Selection of Menu Items

Leon’s menu is composed of breakfast, all day, bits in between, dinner, and children items that will give you ample options in solving your hunger.

Modern Design

For some folks, the look of a restaurant is as important as its menu items. In this case, Leon is a knockout. Fresh and modern, it perfectly captures its target market, the young creative crowd. Their design also tells the brand’s story effectively: that it is an original take on fast food.

Award winning and aims to only feed you good food, Leon is definitely a must-try for those who want something different without any compromises.

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