6 Best Casual Dining Food Spots in London

Good food is always a comfort and a treat to have. The UK is abounding with restaurants and cuisines from various cultures.

With the number of food joints to choose from it can be easy to find yourself at a loss. Find your way around some of the best casual dining restaurants all over the country with our guide.

  1. Wright Brothers– With six different locations, this seafood restaurant takes the sea to the plate of diners. Although the restaurant also offers British food fare, they are best known for their fresh seafood selections of shellfish. You can enjoy a wide variety of items on the menu along with your choice of wine or beer as you sit on the counter.
  2. Antico- If Italian comfort food without the fuss is what you are looking for this place has just what you need. Diners can look forward to dishes made with an old fashioned twist to them that bring a contemporary experience. A comfortable atmosphere makes eating here a good experience. A gin and cocktail bar nestled in the restaurant’s basement gives those who like to drink something extra to look forward to.
  3. Bella Italia Grill - PriceGuideLady.co.ukBella Italia Grill– Pizza, Pasta, Grill.  With pizza and pasta being the main offerings on their menu, grilled entrees
    are available as well.  Wine compliment their dishes many of their dishes and soft drink and beer are available for order. With over 90 locations, Bella Italia is known to have a laid back atmosphere.
  4. Pollen Street Social– The Brain child of Chef Jason Atherton, this bistro offers de-formalized dining in the Mayfair district. A one Michelin star restaurant the restaurant describes itself as a modern urban meeting point for both everyday eating, drinking and socializing as well as special occasions. A seasonal menu leaves you with choices made from the freshest ingredients available at the moment. The bistro houses a private dining room, restaurant, dessert bar and social bar all under one roof.
  5. The Quality Chop House– If you want something traditional, yet modern this place will give you exactly that. The black and white checkerboard floor, dining booths and rustic tables and chairs all add to the experience. Get your fill of steak, pork chops, pheasant or other ala carte meals through a booking or just by walking in. A formal dining room is also available in this butcher, food shop and wine bar.
  6. Peckham Bazaar– For exciting Turkish and Greek Cuisine take a stroll over to this Pan-Balkan Mezze and Grill. Located just six minutes away from Peckham Rye Overground and the National Rail station. Items on the menu include courgette fritters, slow braised veal, grilled marinated quail, rabbit and apricot pastilla and more.
  7. Castle’s Pie and Mash– What is casual dining without some good old pie and mash? This shop located in Camden is all about good traditional food. Perfect for people on the go or those who are dining alone. It is also a good choice for those who just want something from their childhood without any frills. Castle’s carries the same food that they did when the shop first opened in 1939. Good for something quick and filling with some nostalgia sprinkled on it.

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