A Guide To Different Body Types

An understanding of your body type goes a long way in setting your fitness goals. Different body types require different dietary and exercise requirements.

Your body type will also determine how long it will take for you to see the results that you want. With this guide from Pure Gym you should be well on your way to placing your body type, and planning your exercise routine.

The three body types known are the ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. However, most people are not found in one category, but usually between two.


Endomorphs are usually shorter and stockier than other people. The classic body shape is a pear, with narrow shoulders but wide hips. Endomorphs have a thicker bone structure which has a tendency to hide muscle definition.

Endomorphs tend to gain weight easily but find that losing this weight is very difficult, this is because their metabolism is very slow.

Endomorphs find it easier to excel to strength training as they gain easily. So they should focus more on cardio to promote weight loss and muscle definition.

Their diets should have less carbs and fats as these contain calories and add to the weight of an endomorph. A high protein and fiber intake is encouraged, as protein is essential for building muscle and fiber will increase satiety and prevent cravings.


Mesomorphs are the people who look naturally athletic. Their bodies have broad shoulders and narrow waists, and they tend to have good muscle definition.

Mesomorphs find it easy to gain weight and lose it if it need be as they have a good metabolism. Mesomorphs tend to see results much faster than either the endomorph or the ectomorph when they engage in an exercise routine.

Mesomorphs should engage in an equal mix of cardio and strength training. Diet wise, mesomorphs have no limitations, they should however practice moderation.

A good diet for a mesomorph should be high in protein and fiber, with a moderate amount of carbs and fats.


The ectomorph usually has a long and slender body. They are narrow from their shoulders, to their hips and to their limbs. Ectomorphs have difficulty gaining weight, be it muscle or fat which gives them a slight frame.

This is due to the fact that they have a very fast metabolism, thus no matter how much they eat they barely gain any weight.

As ectomorphs do not really have any weight to lose, cardiovascular exercises are kept to a minimum, and they are advised to instead focus on strength training.

Strength training promotes muscle gain, which adds good weight and definition. In terms of food, ectomorphs have to consume more of each food group to see gains, they should however, consume them in small meals throughout the day.

Supplements should be considered if their ordinary diet is insufficient.

With this understanding of body types you can begin to classify yourself, and see what your goals will be. If you are still unsure, go down to Pure Gym and let the fitness instructors assess you and come up with a suitable fitness plan for you.

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