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Bannatyne Health Club was founded and is co-directed by its namesake, Scottish businessman Duncan Bannatyne. The Health Club and its parent group, Bannatyne’s Fitness Ltd, were created to answer a rising demand in the UK for member’s only health clubs. Since its inception, Bannaatyne has grown to over 61 branches across the UK.

The health clubs offer a variety of options, from exercise equipment and free weights to the increasingly-popular classes such as Zumba. The best part? There are no additional fees for classes—the price is included in membership. However, they don’t stop at simply offering a good workout.

Below are the estimated Bannatyne Gym prices:

Membership Type Cost

Full (anytime with open hours)

Single Direct Debit£ 25.00- £ 49.99
Full Single Prepaid£ 25.00- £ 539.89

Off Peak (Weekdays: 6:30-16:00)

Off Peak Single Direct Debit£ 25.00- £ 44.00
Off Peak Single Prepaid£ 25.00- £ 475.20

Day Pass

Day Pass FullFrom £ 15.00

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A Bannatyne also houses swimming pools, spa facilities, Café bars, and – at certain locations – free parking. Their most notable feature, however, is the one-on-one interaction between the staff and health-club goers. Bannatyne is committed to providing a personalized experience to help each member achieve their fitness goals. To maintain this commitment, Health Clubs are fully staffed at all times; Fitness Advisors give members advice concerning their workout plan.

New members are always given a free lifestyle and fitness evaluation at their first session, and then they are given updates every 4 to 6 weeks on how they are doing with their goals and how they might make the best of all Bannatyne has to offer. In addition to offering the support necessary to achieve workout goals, Bannatyne is also dedicated to ensuring that their facilities are up to date.

They reevaluate all of their machinery every four years and strive to offer a wide variety of classes. They have something for everyone, even members who may be considered ‘too old’ to enjoy a workout facility but know better than to let that stop them.

For additional information about Bannatyne Gyms, visit their official website.

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