Bar Story Happy Hour


Established in 2003, Bar Story is definitely a popular stop on Rye Lane. It is the perfect tenant in this bustling area as it stays true to the locale’s character of being a bit grungy and intentionally grubby that it’s actually artsy if you actually think about it.

The table contains information about Bar Story Happy Hours:


Happy Hour

Everyday (6:00pm - 7:00pm)

Two of the same Cocktail£7.00
gmMax. 2 per order

Located under a Peckham Rye Station railway arch, Bar Story is now a popular stop among younger crowds, thanks mostly to its proximity to the Camberwell College of Art. Locals also love this place.

What They are Famous For

If you’re not much of a bar drinker, you might be wondering what could make Bar Story so popular? Other hip bars tend to lose its sparkle after a few years of opening, so what makes Bar Story different?

Bar Story is actually famous for the following:

1. Happy hour every 6-7pm.

Bar Story’s daily happy hour lets you get two cocktails for just £7. It’s a great deal especially since you’re also treated with a unique ambiance and an energetic crowd.

2. Good food.

Not a lot of bars offer great chow, but this one serves samplings like burgers from local butchers Flock and Herd and pizzas that sell for two at £10. They’re definitely great deals if you’re a bit peckish and you want to have a relatively heavy meal while nursing a drink.

3. Great cocktails.

Bars should have great cocktails and Bar Story has exactly those. They have traditional ones that are perfect for those who are more conservative in getting drunk. They also offer their own concoctions of classic drinks that will surely tickle your fancy. If you’re an adventurous drinker, you’ll surely have a great time sampling their options.

4. Fun crowd.

Some people choose the place they drink at based on the crowd it draws. When it comes to Bar Story, you’ll surely share communal tables with young people. Thanks to its location near an art college, it can overflow with students all year round.

Why Drink Here

If you’re ever in the area, grabbing a few drinks at Bar Story is not just a way to get buzzed. It’s also a nice local experience that’s truly unique and different from all of your other drinking escapades.