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Pizza – Pasta – Grill

Bella Italia’s story begins in 1970, when the first US-style pizza chain opened in the UK – a restaurant known as Pizzaland. Within the decade, 30 Pizzalands had opened in the UK alone. A sister brand named Pastifichio soon opened, and during the 1990s both restaurants underwent a brand change to become Bella Pasta and then, eventually, Bella Italia. These days Bella Italia boasts over 90 locations for their relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Below are the estimated Bella Italia prices:


Bread & Olives

Mixed Olives£2.65
Mini Garlic Bastoni £3.95
Mini Garlic Bastoni (To Share)£5.95
Pane Bella £4.95

Baked Pizza Bread

Perfect For Sharing!

Mozzarella and Garlic£5.95

Sharing Platters

Antipasto Misto£6.25
Antipasto Misto (To Share)£11.45
Baked Italian Cheese & Dipping Breads£9.95
Chicken Wings Italiano Platter (New)£11.45


Zuppa del Giorno £3.95
Bruschetta £4.95
Pizza Spirale £4.75
Funghi Arrosto £5.45
Insalata Rosso (New)£4.25
Gamberi £6.45
Filo Prawns (New)£6.25
Mozzarella Pomodoro £4.85
Polpette £5.65
Arancini Funghi £6.25
Chicken Wings Italiano (New)£5.95


Additional toppings for each £1.25 each

Create Your Own Pizza£8.95
Margherita £7.45
Pizza Cotto £7.95
Pepperoni Piccante £8.45
Quattro Stagioni £9.25
Quattro Stagioni Legumi £8.45
Pollo Piccante £9.95
Chicken and Pancetta BBQ (New)£10.95
Carne Mista £10.25
Pizza Marco Polo£10.75
Polpette £8.75


Calzone Legume £10.65
Cane £11.45
Pollo e Spinaci £10.95
Diavola £11.65
Agnello Calzone (New)£11.95

Pizza Vita

Speck £9.45


Tagliatelle Pomodoro £7.95
Carbonara £8.75
Bolognese £8.95
Polpette Americano £9.95
Gamberoni £10.95
Pasta Marco Polo£10.75
Agnello Tagliatelle £10.25
Pollo Limone Siciliana £9.95

Al Forno

Cannelloni Ricotta £8.95
Sausage Ragu al Forno (New)£9.75
Lasagna al Forno £9.45
Pollo Formaggi al Forno (New)£9.95


Rump Steak (5oz.)£10.95
Sirloin Steak (8oz.)£16.45
Butterflied Chicken Breast£11.95
Italian Style Ribs (New)£16.95
Bella Surf n Turf£18.95
Bella Mega Grill (New)£17.95


Burger Americano £9.95
Pollo Ciabatta £9.95
Pollo Italiano £10.75
Portobello Mushroom £8.75
Add another burger£2.95

Additional Toppings

Crisp Bacon£1.25
Mozzarella £1.25
Goat's Cheese£1.25
Chillies £1.25


Chunky Chips£3.25
Basil Mash£3.25
Corn on the Cob£3.25
Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables £3.25
Mixed Salad£3.25
Fried Courgettes £3.95
Rocket & Shaved Granello Cheese Salad£3.95
Onion Rings (New)£4.25

Bella Favourites

Pollo Cacciatore £11.95
Pollo Milanese £12.25
Gamberoni Risotto £12.65
Spezzatino di Manzo£12.75
Filetto di Spigola £12.95


Pollo e Verdure £9.95
Salmone £10.75
Caesar Pollo £9.95
Formaggio di Capra£8.95

Breakfast Menu

Served every day until 12pm

Starting From£4.25

Lunch Menu

Monday to Friday 11am to 5pm

Ask server for set menu and pricesvaries

Kids Meal

3 courses & a drink£5.25


Pannacotta (New)£4.75
Cioccolato Diavola £5.25
Cheesecake £4.95
Cookie Dough Lava Cake£5.75
Tiramisu £5.25
Torta Limone £4.95

Create Your Own Gelati

Gelati £3.95

For a little sweet treat!

Add a Topping £0.50 each
Add a Shot of Liqueur £1.95

Ice Cream Sundaes

Godfather (To Share)£7.95
Godfather Banana £6.25
Godfather Banana (To Share)£7.95
Godfather Fragola£6.25
Godfather Fragola (To Share)£7.95

Mini Desserts

Ciambelline £1.95 each
Ciambelline (With a Hot Drink)£3.95
Ciambelline (With a Liqueur Coffee)£5.95
Torta Cioccolato £1.95 each
Torta Cioccolato (With a Hot Drink)£3.95
Torta Cioccolato (With a Liqueur Coffee)£5.95
Torta Limone £1.95 each
Torta Limone (With a Hot Drink)£3.95
Torta Limone (With a Liqueur Coffee)£5.95

Soft Drinks

Fresh Orange Juice£2.55
Fruit Juices £2.45
Big Tom Spiced Tomato Juice£2.45
Appletiser Sparkling Apple£2.45
Grapetiser Sparkling Grape Juice£2.45
Belvoir Sparkling Cordials £2.45
San Pellegrino Sparkling Lemon or Blood Orange£2.45
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Schweppes Lemonade£2.35
Mineral Water (Small)£2.45
Mineral Water (Large)£3.95

Hot Drinks

Americano £2.25
Caffe Latte£2.45
Espresso (Small)£1.95
Espresso (Large)£2.20
Hot Chocolate £2.45

Liqueur Coffee

Gaelic, French, Italian, Galliano, Baileys £4.95 each


Adults from £3.95

Bella Italia’s success was based on US-style pizza, but that isn’t the only kind of food they offer. Italian-style ribs, breads, Funghi Arrosto, and Gamberi are just a few of the exotic dishes on their menu. They offer pasta options and shrimp, and all of their burgers are served on ciabatta buns.

Bella Italia offers more than just good food – they have good deals, as well. They over lunch menus with cheaper prices, send emails to customers with the latest promotions, and boast a menu featuring dishes for five pounds exclusive to students.

Bella Italia offers more to the online experience than just promotional emails. They post their entire menu to their website and have a social media presence. Their website echoes the family-friendly atmosphere in their restaurants. To further their appeal to families, Bella Italia was awarded the Mumsnet Family Friendly’s Innovation Award in 2014.

If you’re curious about Bella Italia, pop over to their website at and book a table. Take a look at their online menu and available promotions to prepare your order ahead of time, or just walk in and see what looks good. Bon Appetite.

For additional information about Bella Italia, visit their official website.

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