Best Zoos in the UK Part 2

There is something about animals that leave us charmed and amazed at how they are. Even with the many different zoos all over to UK many kids and families are left looking for more animal sanctuaries to visit.

If you are still looking for more zoos to check out in the country here is a list of five more places to try and see.

  1. Edinburgh Zoo– If you or someone in your family has a penchant for cuddly looking bears such as giant pandas and koalas, make your way here. The largest of its kind in Scotland, it is located on scenic parkland in the outskirts of the area. A free hilltop safari can be ridden on along with a guide to see the animals from a different view. Like many other zoos it is a registered charity that participates in helping to conserve wildlife.
  2. Marwell Wildlife- Those who find themselves in the New Hampshire Area can pay a visit to this 140 acre wildlife park. Close in location to Winchester, this zoo is home to hundreds of endangered species and exotic animals from across the globe. Endangered tigers, frilled lizards, ring-tailed coatis and pygmy hippos are just some of the things to expect. Marwell Wildlife also offers seasonal shows such as the Wild Explorers Exhibit. As with other zoos, they are committed to helping conserve endangered animals.
  3. Newquay Zoo- A trip to this animal conservation will transport you to a world of lush sub-tropical gardens. Amid the flora and fauna are more than 130 of the world’s rarest and most exciting animals such as red pandas, Siberian lynx, red ruffed lemurs, Owston’s civets and black wildebeest. Keeper talks help inform audience all about these animals. Feedings can also be viewed and animal experience brings some of these wildlife face to face with the audience.Paignton Zoo
  4. Paignton Zoo- Located in Devon UK this zoo is one of South Wales’ most visited attractions. It is also among the
    pioneers when it comes to bringing together botanical garden and zoological conservatories. Inside the zoo you will 1,600 different types of plants alongside 2,000 different kinds of animals across 80 acres of land. As new animals arrive at Paignton, the zoo has become a leader in ethical trading around the globe.
  5. Welsh Mountain Zoo- For those who not only love animals, but the great outdoors as well, this animal sanctuary will prove to be fitting. Situated in Colwyn Bay on 73 acres of property it is home to a variety of animals. Guests can enjoy leisurely treks and breathtaking views on their way to see the animals. A children’s farm allows kids to get close to a number of different farm animals. There are also a number of different exhibits with otters, chimpanzees, eagles and more animals that guests can enjoy watching.

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