Caffe Nero Prices

Café Nero is a European style coffee shop chain known for their espresso based coffees, frappe latte, tea, and specialty drinks. If you want to get good coffee before you go to work or if you’re on break in the afternoon, their shop is the perfect place to be.

The table below contains estimate Caffe Nero Prices.

Item Price


Espresso (In)£1.65
Espresso (Out)£1.55
Espresso Macchaito (In)£1.65
Espresso Macchaito (Out)£1.55
Espresso Ribtretto (In)£1.65
Espresso Ribtretto (Out)£1.55
Espresso Con Panna (In)£1.95
Espresso Con Panna (Out)£1.85
Cappuccino (S) (In)£2.05
Cappuccino (R) (In)£2.45
Cappuccino (G) (In)£2.75
Cappuccino (S) (Out)£1.95
Cappuccino (R) (Out)£2.35
Cappuccino (G) (Out)£2.65
Caffe Latte (S) (In)£2.05
Caffe Latte (R) (In)£2.45
Caffe Latte (G) (In)£2.75
Caffe Latte (S) (Out)£1.95
Caffe Latte (R) (Out)£2.35
Caffe Latte (G) (Out)£2.65
Caffe Mocha (S) (In)£2.20
Caffe Mocha (R) (In)£2.60
Caffe Mocha (G) (In)£2.90
Caffe Mocha (S) (Out)£2.10
Caffe Mocha (R) (Out)£2.50
Caffe Mocha (G) (Out)£2.80
Caffe Americano (S) (In)£1.85
Caffe Americano (R) (In)£2.15
Caffe Americano (G) (In)£2.45
Caffe Americano(S) (Out)£1.75
Caffe Americano (R) (Out)£2.05
Caffe Americano (G) (Out)£2.35

Tea & Speciality

English, Breakfast, Herbals & Infusions

Hot Tea (In)£1.90
Hot Tea (Out)£1.80
Hot Chocolate (S) (In)£2.20
Hot Chocolate (R) (In)£2.60
Hot Chocolate (G) (In)£2.90
Hot Chocolate (S) (Out)£2.10
Hot Chocolate (R) (Out)£2.50
Hot Chocolate (G) (Out)£2.80
Hot Chocolate Milano£3.20
Chai Latte£2.95
White Chocolate Mocha£3.30
Caramel Latte£3.30

Iced Drinks

Frappe Creme£3.65
Frappe Latte Classic£3.30
Frappe Milk Shake£3.30
Fruit Booster£3.30
Iced Latte£2.70
Frappe Latte Mocha£3.45

Each store is at an accessible and trendy location, perfect for chatting with a friend or catching up with a former colleague. It’s a great choice if you want a little break and have pastries and muffins with your drink.

Menu Selections

They also have a range of panini, including salami and grilled peppers, pesto chicken, and vine tomato, mozzarella, and basil panini.

At the heart of their business is serious coffee making. Café Nero invests substantial time, resources, passion, and energy to create quality products to be served to every customer.

They use unique blends using different beans exclusive to their shops. As most of their drinks start with an espresso, they make sure that each small cup is full-bodied, smooth, satisfying, and thick, with a top of golden crema. Have a drink of their Ristretto, Macchiato, Cappucino, and Americano.

If you like cold drinks, they have Iced Latte, Mocha Frappe Latte, Frappe Milkshakes, and many others.

Below is the latest Café Nero menu with prices.

The Experience

Café Nero is the perfect place to stay in when chatting with friends online or doing paperwork on your laptop because they offer free Wi-Fi. Simply enable the Wi-Fi of your laptop, tablet, or smart phone and connect to the shop’s network.

If you would like to give them feedback on a job well done or a service that you have a comment on, feel free to fill out their myNEROvisit survey at the café, and then get a chance to win an iPad or a free coffee for a month.

Caffè Nero was founded by Gerry Ford in 1997. Ford is the current Chairman and CEO of the company. It joined the London Stock Exchange in March 2001. In 2007 however, it was taken private so it could have better flexibility in developing the business.

Since then, shops were opened in other countries, like Turkey (2007), the United Arab Emirates (2009), Poland (2012), Cyprus (2013), Ireland (2014), and the United States (2014).

According to Allegra Strategies, the company has the highest coffee quality among brands in the United Kingdom. They also received excellent ratings from other experts in the business.

For more information about Café Nero, visit their official website.