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A world of Wildlife Awaits you!

Voted the best Zoo in 2015, Chester Zoo is also ranked 7th in the world by Trip Advisor. It’s located in Upton Chester, England and it’s the largest zoo in the UK as 125 acres. What stands out about Chester Zoo is that it is the first zoo in Britain that was built without bars and cages!.

There are over 12,000 animals and 400 species from around the world. Chester Zoo has unique animals such as elephants, rhinos and tigers. If you want an adventure, Chester Zoo is the perfect place to find one!

Below are the estimated Chester Zoo prices:

Type Price

Standard Membership

Single Adult£79.00
Joint Adult£135.00
Junior (3-17)£45.00
Platinum (Lifetime)£790.00

Two Adult Family Membership

2 Adults + 1 Junior£162.00
2 Adults + 2 Junior£199.00
2 Adults +3 Junior£234.00
2 Adults +4 Junior£267.00

One Adult Family Membership

1 Adult + 1 Junior£106.00
1 Adult + 2 Junior£143.00
1 Adult + 3 Junior£178.00
1 Adult + 4 Junior£211.00


George Mottershead started Chester Zoo by collecting different animals such as lizards, insects and exotic plants. His love for animals came from visiting Belle Vue Zoo as a young boy.

Mottershead was a determined man who did not let his War injury keep him limited. As time passed, his love for collecting animals grew as well, which lead him to search for a home for his “zoo”. He bought land in the suburb of Chester for £3,500, which consisted of a house and 9 acres of land.

His love for animals continued to grow and so did Chester Zoo. It was officially opened to the public in 1931 and it lasts through the Second World Way.

The Thrill

The Zoo hold a very large and diverse group of animals. There are many animal exhibits at Chester Zoo such as:

  • Islands at Chester Zoo
  • Elephants of the Asian Forest
  • Spirit of the Jaguar
  • Realm of the Red Ape
  • The Chimpanzee Breeding Centre
  • Tsavo Rhino Experience
  • Fruit Bat Forest
  • Monkey Islands
  • Bears of the Cloud Forest
  • Dragons in Danger
  • Otter and Penguins
  • Big CatsTo name a few

To name a few!

In addition to the vast array of experiences, the zoo has a program where people can adopt an animal of their choice. These members receive two free tickets to visit their animals. If a yearly membership is bought, members and adopters will receive a subscription to Z Magazine.

For more information, please visit Chester Zoo’s official website.

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