Chicken Wings: The Stars on the TGI Fridays Menu Explained

The TGI Fridays menu is filled with entrées, appetizers and desserts befitting its casual dining theme. But the stars of the show are the chicken wings – and you will agree once you enjoy them on your first visit to one of the chain’s restaurants.

While you can just dig in, so to speak, you will appreciate the following fun tidbits of information – what the parts of the wings are, what your options are, and what the best steps in eating them are.

Know the Parts of the Wing First

The beauty of eating chicken wings lies in the fact that you can have the best of both worlds in meat! The contrasts in tastes and textures in the entire chicken wing make it so addictive.

First, the drumstick contains the juicy, tender and flavorful meat that you can sink your teeth into. Second, the flat is the middle part that contains the higher amounts of skin and fat. Third, the flapper is the tip that brings in the crunchy texture to the experience.

While many people will throw away the flapper, you shouldn’t because therein lies the climax of eating chicken wings. The deep satisfaction of getting the last bit of crispy skin, the last bit of flavor, and the last bit of grease-saturated cartilage can be yours to enjoy when you gnaw on it.

Know Your Chicken Wings

At TGI Fridays restaurants, the number of chicken wings and their sauce options are lesser in number than in their competitors’ menus. But the delicious flavors of the TGI Fridays chicken wings more than makes up for the limited number.

Your choices include:

  • Cola Wings tossed in a tart cola glaze
  • Jack Daniel’s Wings with a smoky and spicy flavor profile from the sesame seeds and chili flakes
  • Hot Wings are the classic chicken wings with its Bleu cheese dip and sauce of chili and hot sauce
  • Scorpion Wings aren’t for the faint of heart because it’s the hottest item on the menu

But if you’re not into sucking and gnawing on chicken wings, then the Boneless Hot Wings are right up your alley. You will like the chunks of chicken breast fried to perfection and served with hot sauce and chili sauce for topping, as well as a Bleu cheese dip.

Know Your Table Manners

Every person who wants to enjoy chicken wings to the fullest must be comfortable with getting their hands dirty. From holding the chicken wings by your fingers to eating, sucking, and gnawing every bit of flesh and flavor from the chicken wings, there’s just nothing dainty about it.

But there are a few things to remember when eating chicken wings.

  • Hold the drumstick at both ends with your fingers of both hands. Eat it clean but avoid making sucking sounds and sticking the entire drumstick into your mouth before suck off the meat while pulling it out.
  • Hold the wing in a similar manner as the drumstick. Pull the cartilage from the larger bone, which you can either eat or discard. Twist the smaller bone to loosen it and pull it so that you have a boneless chicken wing – and enjoy the flavors.
  • Avoid holding your mouth open while fanning it because it’s just rude.

You may even thank the culinary gods for including chicken wings on the TGI Fridays menu

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