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Cineworld offers a wide variety of entertainment. The company shows more than just up-and-coming films; they also screen operas, Globe Theater films, Bollywood and South Asia films, and Movies for Juniors. In addition to the regular multiplex screens, select Cineworld locations offer IMAX and Real-D. A unique offering of Cineworld Cinemas is their D-Box film screenings.

These specialized theaters offer motion-equipped seating to further immerse you into the film. For the all-around experience, Cineworld Milton Keynes is the first UK cinema to offer 4D films – these films include synced effects such as rain and wind, scent, and motion.

Below are the estimated Cineworld Prices prices:



Before 5pm

Adult (18+)£7.79
Child (14 and under)£5.54
Student (customers aged 15-17 pay 'Student' rate, ID may be required)£5.99
Senior (60+)£5.99
Family (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children)£23.96
Bargain Tuesday£5.54
Movies for Juniors£1.58
Movies for Juniors 3D£2.93
VIP Bargain Tuesday£6.80

After 5pm

Adult (18+)£9.14
Child (14 and under)£6.44
Student (customers aged 15-17 pay 'Student' rate, ID may be required)£6.89
Senior (60+)£6.89
Family (2 adults & 2 children)£28.46
Bargain Tuesday£5.54
Movies for Juniors£1.58
Movies for Juniors 3D£2.93
VIP Bargain Tuesday£6.80

3D Movies

Additional Charges

Adult (18+)£1.98
Child (14 and under)£1.44
Student (customers aged 15-17 pay 'Student' rate, ID may be required)£1.44
Senior (60+)£1.44
Family (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children)£5.76
3D Glasses£1.00

In-Cinema Tickets

Additional fee applies when purchasing ticket at the doors£0.50


Adult (18+)£12.00
Child (14 and under)£10.00
Student (customers aged 15-17 pay 'Student' rate, ID may be required)£10.50
Senior (60+)£10.50
Family (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children)£41.00

Cineworld allows moviegoers to see films as often as they like through their Unlimited program. The Unlimited card can be paid either monthly or annually, and entitles the holder to unlimited cinema in addition to ten percent off concessions and waived fees for online booking.

After you are a member for a year, you are upgraded to Premium Unlimited – twenty-five percent off concessions and no additional fee for 3D. Cineworld also offers my*cineworld, where customers can sign up for faster booking, mobile tickets, and emails of upcoming films.

The first Cineworld location opened its doors in 1996 under the operation of the business Cine-UK. The vision, however, took root in 1335, when Steve Wiener and Senior Management began to set up Cine-UK with the backing of equity investors.

By 2004, Cineworld had grown by 34 locations; that year, the Blackstone Group acquired Cine-UK. In October of the same year, Cineworld in turn acquired UGC’s UK business. In three years’ time, the London Stock Exchange welcomed Cineworld as a company listing. In the years since, Cineworld has grown exponentially through acquisitions, openings, and business partnerships.

Corporate Social Responsibility is taken very seriously by the Group. On their corporate website, the company breaks down their goals and programs into sections – Ethics, Community, Access for All, Film Piracy, Environment, Retail, Diversity and Human Rights, and Retail. They outline initiatives for reducing their carbon footprint – such as moving away from 35mm celluloid to completely digital films and using digital advertisements instead of paper posters—and following all national and local regulations for films. In areas where regulations are less strict, the company ensures that information is provided on all films so that families can make educated decisions on what to see. They also explain their move towards healthier options in the concession stand.

For additional information about Cineworld, visit their official website.



  1. Phil tarring said:

    I have just watched Warcraft the beginning at the new yate cinema and I was charged £13.60 inc the 3D glasses how can the prices vary across the different cinemas in Bristol

    June 8, 2016
  2. Russell said:

    The prices quoted for MK are nothing like the real ones which are higher in every case. Maybe this site was last updated with the prices from some years ago.

    October 3, 2016

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