Colchester Zoo Prices

Discover what the Colchester Zoo has in store for you and your family!

Zoos are some of the most educational and fun places for families to visit. They will teach you a lot of things about animals that you don’t see on a regular basis and even let your wee ones discover a few more species. In Colchester those who are interested in meeting a wide array of animals can visit the Colchester Zoo.

Below is a table containing the estimated ticket prices of Colchester Zoo.



Child (3-14yrs)£9.89
Senior (Over 60yrs)£11.69

Gate Price

Child (3-14yrs)£10.99
Senior (Over 60yrs)£12.99

Gold Pass including 15% off

Child (3-14yrs)£31.44
Senior (Over 60yrs)£39.94

A Little Background

Established in 1963 by Frank and Helena Farrar, the Colchester Zoo was originally known as the Stanway Hall Zoo Park. Visitors flocked to Colchester to see the many animals housed in the zoo, some of them even became celebrities that are not only popular among visitors, but were also able to appear in commercials and movies as well. Some of the most notable was Rajah the lion who appeared in several Tarzan films with Gordon Scott and Simba the lion who is still noted for being the largest captive lion in the world.

The zoo transferred ownership in the 1980s when the Farrar’s niece, Angela Tropeano, bought the zoo and saved it from its decline. The Tropeanos still own the Colchester Zoo today and has continuously made efforts to preserve and care for the animals that call the zoo their home.

What Sets Them Apart

With so many zoos in the UK, what makes the Colchester Zoo special?

  1. They have a soft play complex known as the Jungle Tumble where your wee ones can run around and even do a bit of roughhousing without you worrying too much that they’ll get injured. Most zoos offer guests just a view and some interaction with their animals, but Colchester Zoo took an extra effort in ensuring that visitors will have a great time with their Jungle Tumble.
  1. Public feeding sessions. You can feed elephants, parrots, giraffes, and other animals with your own hands! This will not just let you interact with the animals, but it’s also quite an exciting thing getting to feed them.
  1. You can pet a wide array of animals – from reptiles to small furry animalls. Sure, there are lots of petting zoos your family can visit, but not all of them will let you handle a number of reptiles.

Why You Should Visit

A visit to the Colchester Zoo is definitely a must if you’re from the area. With all of the great things they have in store, they’re an excellent outing destination for your whole family.


For more information, please visit their official website.