Come Prepared To Your Toni and Guy Wedding Hairstyle Appointment

Toni and Guy is a popular destination for brides-to-be in the United Kingdom! This isn’t surprising considering that its hairstylists are among the most creative trained professionals in the industry.


But before coming into the salon for your first hairstyle rehearsal, here are a few things to do. Your appointment will not only go smoothly but your wedding day hairstyle will be truly gorgeous for it!


Be Prepared to Show Your Preferences


You and your hairstylist will be on the same page when you’re actually looking at the same page. You can bring along photos in bridal magazines, scrapbooks, and smartphone that you can both browse through first. You will be able to discuss in detail your dream wedding hairstyle instead of telling the hairstylist in vague terms and gestures.


You may also show the hairstylist photos of hairstyles you loved, such as when you were a bridesmaid. You can also discuss a few details about your wedding vision and dress – classic or contemporary, sexy or romantic, in a church or the beach, among others. Your hairstylist can make suggestions about your wedding hairstyle based on the information.


Wear the Color of Your Wedding Dress


You and your hairstylist will likely decide on adding highlights or lowlights in your hair, just to enhance its appearance. But since your new hair color should also complement your wedding dress, it makes sense to come to the salon in a dress with a similar color. Otherwise, your wedding dress and hairstyle combo can look off.


You should also come in a dress or shirt with the same neckline as your wedding dress. This is because different necklines lend themselves well to different hairstyles. Your hairstylist can also make suggestions in this regard.


Plus, you may want to bring your headpiece. You and your hairstylist should factor in where it will fit into your hairstyle, whether it’s a small tiara or a crown of flowers. You can also bring a photo or a sample in case the headpiece isn’t available yet.


Speak Up But Be Nice


You and your hairstylist are partners in making you such a radiant bride your groom can’t help but fall in love all over again. You must then speak up about your likes and dislikes about the hairstyle while being nice about it.


A few tips to remember:


  • Be specific about what you like and don’t like about the hairstyle.
  • Be open to suggestions as well as make suggestions of your own. You and your hairstylist should maintain a two-way professional relationship when you put your mind to it.
  • Be sure to look at the hairstyle from all possible angles. You will be surprised at how plain-looking a hairstyle may be but upon closer look, it’s almost magical.


With each hairstyle made, you should document it even when you don’t like it. Again, you should have it photographed from all angles – front, sides, and back. You may even change your mind once you see a hairstyle from the back and sides.


Indeed, your Toni and Guy hairstylist will be more likely to work well with you when you’re willing to work well with him!

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