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Pan Asian and World Banquet Dining

The first Cosmo was opened in 2003; since then the restaurant franchise has expanded its reach through the UK, bringing a wide selection of foods offered in a buffet-style environment. Unlike most buffets, however, Cosmo stands apart by having their chefs create dishes in front of you; they began the live-cooking displays in 2007.

The Cosmo buffet offers a variety of dishes from around the globe, anything from sushi to pizza. Despite their main attracting being the buffet, Cosmo also offers a variety of sit-down selections; starters, main courses, and desserts are included in these selections.

Below are the estimated Cosmo’s prices:


Lunch (Mon-Fri)

12:00- 15:00

Adult Buffet£7.99
Child under 150 cm*£4.00
Minimun charge£2.00

Lunch (Sat)

12:00- 15:30

Adult Buffet£8.99
Child under 150 cm*£4.50
Minimun charge£2.00

Dinner (Mon-Thur)

17:30- 22:30

Child under 150 cm*£7.00
Minimun charge£3.00

Dinner (Fri & Sat)

17:30- 23:00

Child under 150 cm*£7.50
Minimun charge£3.00

Sunday and Bank Holidays

12:00 - 22:30

Child under 150 cm*£7.00
Minimun charge£3.00

There is something for everyone, and many things for the brave. Depending on your location, Cosmo offers various savings through their website to bring even greater value to their selection.

From their menu to their website, Cosmo exudes sophistication. Having been founded in the 2000s, Cosmo took great care to ensure that their website was up to par. Instead of the usual word-based sites, Cosmo based their web design on images – letting the pictures speak thousands of words.

Despite the sophisticated design, Cosmo is dedicated to providing a casual dining experience. They are committed to making their customers feel valued, offering good service at fair prices, and providing freshly prepared food made from the best ingredients.

Cosmo offers booking from their website—to a certain extent. Parties over eleven are asked to call the restaurant so that proper preparations can be made to accommodate the large size. The staff also do everything in their power to accommodate special needs, such as dietary restrictions, though this can be difficult during rush times.

Cosmo is stretched through the UK, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Being a relatively young company, Cosmo’s franchise expansion will be something of interest to watch in the coming years.

For additional information about Cosmo, visit their official website.

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