Customers Save Money while Receiving Excellent Service at Toni and Guy Student Salons

The hair academy of Toni & Guy based in Manteca is reputable and highly respected in the hairdressing industry for educating superior hairstylists who studied through the school’s cosmetology program.

Toni & Guy Hair Academy has achieved such an untarnished reputation that hair salons from other cities such as New York and San Francisco are requesting for graduates of the program to work in their businesses.

Unfortunately, despite the hairdressing academy holding an esteemed reputation in the industry, the same cannot be said for its salon that is ran by students. These students are currently in training and provide cuts, styles and colouring services to the public.

According to the salon chain’s director, Fred Rasuli, people notice the sign displaying the salons name and then continue on their way to get their hair done somewhere else since they don’t realize the existence of a student salon.

“People don’t know that they can have the same salon experience here,” Rasuli pointed out, “with our student hairstylists, who are under instructor supervision and at a fraction of the cost of a regular salon.”

The fees of hairdressing provided by students are cut down to training prices in order to provide the students with experience in cutting, hair coloring and styling in the real world.

Toni & Guy Hair Academy -

Basic haircuts offered by the student salons go as low as 3 pounds for children and, depending on the type of hair, go as high as a meagre 5 pounds and up for adult customers.

Senior citizen clients can save even more money every Tuesday, which is Senior Day. Senior citizens get to enjoy an additional discount for any services rendered.

Many customers are wary about student salons, especially for services like hair colour or highlights, yet, according to Rasuli, Toni & Guy Hair Academy students are very well trained to perform said services.

Rasuli added, “All of our students are well trained and are qualified to work on the clients. When it comes to good hair coloring it’s all about the product you use. We use TIGI products, which is the second most expensive hair product out there.”

Any customer who has experienced having their hair coloured or highlighted knows that the chemicals used can swiftly damage hair. Thanks to the quality products and the education received by the salon students, clients can come in and book an appointment and leave happy.

During the consultation process, each client’s hair is examined by students and instructors. The customer is then given suggestions based on their personal hair quality.

Sometimes this means telling a client to wait for several days and come back for hair coloring services only after they have deep conditioned at home.

Thanks to the hair academy’s advance training program and great reputation, new clients can be assured that going to a student salon will not only save them money but also get them hair coloring, styling or cutting services that is at par with services offered at non-student branches.

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