Don’t be a Git, Get Your Sushi Manners Right

While you may already know your table manners in a British setting, you have to remember that table manners in a modern sushi restaurant are different.

This is true when you enter, Yo Sushi, a chain of restaurants that specialize in Japanese cuisine particularly in sushi.

YO! Sushi, as the restaurants are also stylised in name, deliver sushi to diners using kaiten, a Japanese-style conveyor belt method. Chefs prepare a wide range of sushi dishes, among other Japanese cooked foods, in full view of diners before setting the prepared foods on a thin conveyor belt.

You can pick any dish from the conveyor belt and eat it on the spot.

While the dining ambiance may be casual in Yo Sushi restaurants, you should remember these proper table manners to avoid being a git.

No Rubbing of Chopsticks

Among sushi chefs, managers and veteran diners, rubbing your chopsticks against each other is considered extremely rude.

This is because the rubbing of chopsticks signifies that you have been provided with poor quality chopsticks – and you will not be provided at any of the reputable sushi restaurants.

Besides, you needn’t rub the chopsticks to get rid of splinters because there will be none.

Start Light on Your Meals

You may be as hungry as a wolf when you first enter a sushi restaurant but you should not start with the roll and steak special as your first course.

You will feel full quickly, which means missing out on the varied flavors and textures that the sushi chefs can provide the diners.

Your first course should ideally be a light dish, such as a small plate of nigiri or sashimi before choosing heavier dishes as your meal progresses.

Use Either Chopsticks or Your Hands - Either Chopsticks or Your Hands

Yes, you can use your hands in a sushi restaurant but only when eating nigiri, a type of sushi made with shari (vinegar-based sushi rice) as well as slices of seafood, fish, or vegetables.

Turn the nigiri upside down, put it in your mouth, and enjoy the flavor of the fish first; the fish, after all, is the star of the nigiri so it makes sense to taste it first.

But you have to east sashimi with your chopsticks. Since sashimi is not served with rice and any other food item on top, eating it with chopsticks makes sense.

Just make sure that your hands are clean before eating with your hands and chopsticks. Arguably, Japanese restaurants are among the cleanest in the industry especially with their emphasis on fresh ingredients.

You should also eat your sushi right away since freshness is key to its full enjoyment!

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