Eat Prices

Eat is a sandwich restaurant chain loved for its wonderful hot food and great prices on the menu. They don’t only have yummy sandwiches, but delicious hot pots and pies as well.

The table below contains information about Eat Prices and menu items.

Food Price

Hot Soup

Chicken Pot Pie (S)£3.29
Chicken Pot Pie (M)£3.59
Chicken Pot Pie (L)£4.79
Hot & Sour Chicken (S)£3.29
Hot & Sour Chicken (M)£3.59
Hot & Sour Chicken (L)£4.79
Wild Mushroom & Chestnut (S)£2.99
Wild Mushroom & Chestnut (M)£3.29
Wild Mushroom & Chestnut (L)£3.99

Hot Pies

Steak & Red Wine Pie£4.49
Steak & Red Wine Pie - pie mash & gravy£5.99
Cheese & Onion Pie£4.49
Cheese & Onion Pie - pie mash & gravy£5.99
Chicken & Mushroom Pie£4.49
Chicken & Mushroom Pie - pie mash & gravy£5.99

Hot Rolls & Pots

Slow Cooked Beef & Horseradish Hot Roll£4.95
BBQ Pulled Pork & Cold Slaw w/ Rice£5.99
Texan Cilli with Rice£5.99

Menu Items

They have unusual combinations that work wonderfully together, like the Hot Smoked Salmon & Potato salad, with ingredients like Dijon dressing, mixed leaves, muki beans, peas, and parsley. Or the breakfast hot pot with avocado mash, poached egg, feta, and spiced baked beans.

You will love the prices of their food. The selections are great and they won’t break your wallet. Enjoy their selections of breakfast dishes, sandwiches, soups and broths, hot rolls, hot pots, pies, salads, and desserts.

Grab a bite before you go to work, during lunch time, or before you return home in the evening. They have a wide variety of sandwiches, from Half Baguette Ham and Jarlsberg to Kids Simple Ham Sandwich.

Delight in EAT. with your friends and colleagues, or take some food to go for when you need something to munch on while relaxing in front of the television. Have a Ham, Brie and Cranberry, or a Roasted Butternut Squash & Feta Pie.

The Experience

You can also enjoy their recipes at work, if you have a meeting or a group lunch. The process is simple. Just register on their website, choose a date and time for delivery, select the food, and pay the bill.

Do you have new ideas that you want to suggest to EAT? Then give them a shout out. Fill out their online feedback form to let them know what you think.

And once you do, you will have the chance to receive special updates on upcoming events and the new recipes that they’re cooking in restaurants near you.


The private company was founded by Niall & Faith MacArthur in 1996. Their first store was in Villiers Street, near the Charing Cross railway station in London. Their flagship outlet is in The Strand, London.

All their food products are freshly made, and if they have unsold food items, they donate those to hostels and charities. Their stores designs were made by David Collins, the same person who created the look of Café Rogue.

The current owners of the company are Niall & Faith MacArthur, Penta Capital, and Management. Currently, they have 110 locations in the United Kingdom, and most of these branches are in London.

For more information about EAT., visit their official website.