Eat the Toby Carvery Breakfast Like the Brits

The Toby Carvery breakfast menu has the quintessential British breakfast fare, many of which are familiar to Americans.

The full works include pork sausages, eggs, bacon, toast, and baked beans, as well as breakfast Yorkies with onion and bacon, cheese and bacon potato hash, and roasted button mushrooms. You can even enjoy a vegetarian breakfast for kids and adults!

But how do you eat breakfast like the Brits? This is a question that many American who are new to the country and its culture will likely ask themselves – and rightly so since the Brits are less likely to be lazy with their knives than the Americans. Here are a few tips that will have you eating breakfast like a Brit.

Keep Your Elbows Off the Table

This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule but there are two sensible reasons for keeping your elbows off the table. First, you will have an easier time cutting the food on your plate when your arms are parallel to the table and your elbows are off it. Second, you will be less likely to take up too much space so your fellow diner can enjoy his own space.

When your elbows are on the table, your knife and fork stab on the food in a downwards manner. Think of Friday the 13th and Jason’s way of stabbing his victims and you get the idea. But when your elbows are slightly out, you have better control over your knife and fork so you can cut your food into bite-sized pieces better.

Cut Your Food into Bite-sized Pieces

This piece of advice also makes sense for two reasons. First, you want to avoid stuffing your mouth with large pieces of food, no matter how delicious it may be. You still want to be able to carry small talk with your fellow diners, too.

Second, you want to savor the delicious flavors of the full British breakfast instead of choking on it. You want a little of everything on your fork, from the crispy bacon to the sunny side-up eggs. You also don’t want to make a mess, a minor faux pas when eating in a British carvery.

When you cut your food into bite-sized pieces, you’re not being lazy with your knife, too. While it may not seem such a big issue, you’re in the United Kingdom so you may as well eat like the Brits. When in Rome, after all, do as the Romans do.

Use Your Knife and Fork in the Right Hands

Your fork should be in your left and your knife in your right hand. You can then hold down the food with your fork and slice it with your knife. You shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry – the Brits tend to eat more slowly than their American counterparts – since breakfast is meant to be enjoyed.

After slicing a bit-sized portion, you must put your knife down and switch your fork to your right hand. You can then bring the food speared in the fork to your mouth. The switch may be inconvenient but it’s a sensible move, too – if you’re a right-handed person, you will have more control in putting the food into your mouth with your right hand since it’s your dominant hand.

Of course, you must enjoy every bite of your Toby Carvery breakfast to eat like the Brits! The process may be more meticulous but every cut, spear and transfer will be worth it.

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