Eating Peri Peri Dishes Can be Easy-Peasy!

Whenever you take your brunch, lunch or dinner at any of the Nando’s restaurants, you will always be tempted by the spicy appeal of the chain’s specialty – the chicken dishes marinated in one of its four varieties of peri peri marinades.

Your choices are medium hot, hot, extra hot, and extra extra hot, with each one progressing in the level of spiciness.

But you are probably avoiding the next level of spiciness, such as from medium hot to hot, because you want to avoid the increased sweat, flushed face, and light-headed feeling coupled with the fiery mouth. This is such a shame as eating dishes with peri peri, also called African bird’s eye chili, has its pleasures, too! 

Fortunately, you will find that eating peri peri dishes can be such an easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy enjoyable activity. Here’s a few tricks that you should know before enjoying the fiery hot dishes at Nando’s. 

Eat Slowly

Keep in mind that the greater the number of chili you consume in a shorter period, the stronger your body’s reaction will be to it. You will then experience stronger reactions including the flushed face and fiery mouth unless you eat the peri peri-based dishes slowly.

So, eat slowly so that your body has sufficient time to build tolerance while you can enjoy the pleasures of the spicy food.

Fight Fire with Ice - Fire with Ice

When you eat spicy food, you should always have an ice-cold drink ready for consumption.

Iced water is a great choice although you can also get ice-cold iced tea or fruit juice depending on your preference.

You are essentially putting out the fire in your mouth since ice numbs its sensitive nerves, which means your taste glands are not as actively activated by the spice as before.

Eat Something Else

You can also request for bread, rice, or crackers with your spicy dish. When the receptors in your mouth come into contact with the rough texture of these food items, they are given a different signal to focus on. The result: The fiery intensity of the heat is interrupted.

Eating starchy food, such as rice and bread, may also help the body’s absorption of the capsaicin in the chili. You are then less likely to experience the immediate side effects of eating extra extra hot per peri chicken dishes.

You should also remember that the effect of spicy food lasts for approximately 15 minutes after you have stopped eating. You can just drink more ice-cold water and wait it out before engaging in another spicy food fest.

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