Enjoy Arthouse Movies As Much as Mainstream Movies, Too!

The contemporary international film industry offers cinephiles with plenty of opportunities to enjoy both arthouse and mainstream movies, a benefit that previous generations did not enjoy.

You should, therefore, watch arthouse movies as much as mainstream films so as to widen your horizons and, in the process, enrich your life in numerous ways. You can watch arthouse films at Picturehouse Cinemas theaters, which are owned by Cineworld Group, Europe’s second-largest cinema chain operator.

But you will likely not appreciate arthouse films on your first foray because of their significant differences with mainstream movies. You can, fortunately, keep these tips in mind so that your appreciation will develop with each arthouse film.

Let the Film Unfold

You needn’t understand every nuance, plot, and character immediately since doing so will take away your enjoyment of the film’s overall beauty.

Just let the film unfold before your eyes and let it happen to you without feeling obligated about understanding it.  You will have plenty of time after the credits roll to think about its message and impact.

You will also be surprised that not all arthouse films are complicated in their plots and characters. Your brain needn’t hurt from overthinking for the arthouse film to touch your heart, stimulate your mind, and make you question your own existence.

Let the Ambiguity Happen, Too

Many, if not most, arthouse films shown at Cineworld theaters have open-ended plots, unexplained plot points, and Let the Ambiguity Happen, Toounresolved conflicts. This is in contrast with most mainstream movies where audiences usually have the ending provided by the moviemakers in clear terms.

Instead of making the ambiguity discourage you from watching more arthouse films, you should embrace it wholeheartedly. You will be surprised at the freedom to make your interpretations of the images, plot points, and characters, which means letting your imagination run wild.

Let Yourself be Touched by the Movie

Art is in the eye of the beholder, too. You can cry and laugh while watching arthouse movies but do so in way that still follows proper movie etiquette.

You should let cinema exert its power to move your mind and body without inhibition for, indeed, it is the reason why you watch movies in the first place.

After watching the movie, you shouldn’t judge it immediately as too complicated, too artsy, or too weird. Your appreciation of the film will grow the more you think about it until, finally, you get it.  You may even watch it for the second time just to appreciate its finer points.

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