Enjoy the Movies, Eat Healthy Snacks

When you enter an Odeon Movie Theatre, you will be provided with the opportunity to choose from a wide range of delicious food and refreshing beverages from chips to soda.

You will be sorely tempted to buy every sweet and savoury snack you can afford because, after all, you want to enjoy the movie while feeding your stomach.

 But then you realise that while your eyes feast on the movie’s overall beauty, your body feasts on unhealthy food! You want to avoid the trap of eating too much empty calories because of their adverse effects on your health.

You can, indeed, enjoy the movies without putting your body in danger from the unhealthy snacks and here’s how.

Eat Before the Movies

If possible, you should eat a light meal before taking in a movie. The temptation to buy unhealthy snacks will be considerably lesser since you are not hungry anymore. You will perhaps buy a single pack of crackers and a fruit juice to ward off any hunger pangs once inside the theatre.

You may also remind yourself about the after-movie dinner date with your family and friends. You will then want to avoid overeating during the movie so that you will still have room for a delicious dinner later on.

Share Your Food


If you must purchase a big tub of popcorn and a big cup of soda, you must share it with two or more people in your group. You will be less likely to overeat since your innate sense of good manners will kick in – your friends will want to eat the popcorn, too, and getting all of it for yourself is rude.

This is true for almost all types of snacks offered at any Odeon Movie Theatre. You can share candy bars, popcorn, and chips as well as the drinks; just get separate straws or ask for smaller cups, if you want. You can even share the costs, which means more money for your next movie outing.

Choose Healthy Food Items

Most importantly, you have to exercise willpower in choosing healthier food options. You may, for example, remember the adverse effects of too much chips, popcorn and soda on your health as your motivator. A few examples of healthy options in movie theatre snacks include dry cereal, fruit cups, and crackers.

The good news: Many movie theatres in the United Kingdom are offering full menus of healthy food, including meat and vegetable dishes, as well as providing their customers with more choices in low-fat, low-calorie snacks.

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