Experience the Fun and Enjoyable Activities at Longleat Park

Feeding giraffes by hand, walking on the wilder side with lemurs and getting up close with many majestic animals that came from Africa and Asia are just some of the things that you’ll enjoy once you visit the Longleat Park.

Longleat has been dubbed as the number 1 Safari Park in the UK. Visiting this place is akin to going back in time and experiencing more than 450 years wonderful history. The following are some of the reason why people continue patronizing this park:

The Longleat House

Many people have heard about the Grey Lade and her ghostly tales. They say that she’s still lurking around the Longleat House. Visitors can marvel at the priceless antiques and at the same time walk in the gardens and grounds that were created by the famous and renowned Capability Brown.

Penguin Island and the Stingray Bay

This is the best part of the park for people who love to get up close to view the marvellous aquatic creatures.

The BBC Deadly Adventure

You may now test your physical and mental abilities by trying the Deadly Challenge. Embark on a duty to roam through the Deadly Safari. Don’t forget to track down predators that lurk behind the shadows.

Adventure Park

When you explore the Adventure Pack, you might as well check out the sea lions being escorted trough the Jungle Cruise and past the Gorilla colony.

The Monkey Temple - PriceGuideLady.co.ukThe Monkey Temple

Afterwards, walk through the Monkey Temple to see Postman Pat. For many people who have experienced this park before, they’re saying that it’s the best there is.

Enjoy Family Quality Time

You can treat your family to some of the most fantastic events at the Longleat Safari. Different shows include festival of light, fireworks spectaculars, Halloween tricks and treats as well as Easter shows. Another important thing about this park is that it has a wide range of self-catering accommodation that’s more suitable for a family holiday away.

Family members may also sit outside, have breakfast and enjoy all the breath-taking views of this wondrous place. Longleat Safari likewise owns 2 extraordinary and family-friendly hotels that are packed with a complete swimming tool and spas.

Rockin’ Rhino Ride

The fun and adventure never stops at the Longleat Safari and Adventure Park. This scenic park has a long list of exciting experienced and attractions, including the all-new Rockin’ Rhino ride!  Simply jump on board so you could also view the lion and the lovable Longleat rhino characters as they take the journey down through some of the ruins they have left behind.

Recent attractions that have been introduced at Longleat included the Humboldt’s penguins with their amazing swimming skills. Every penny you spent on this trip will certainly be worth it.

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