Feeding the Stag Party at Red Hot World Buffet

The best man organizes the stag party – and that’s a responsibility that every best man should accept as part of the groom’s wedding entourage.

But a stag party demands careful planning from choosing the participants to leading them to the venues, as well as providing them with their fill of delicious international cuisines at Red Hot World Buffet.

 Why the emphasis on feeding your stag party guests? Let’s just say that there will be many activities during the stag party so it makes sense to fortify everybody with filling and flavorful food first. You, the best man, don’t want anybody complaining of being hungry while hitting the casinos, strip clubs, and golf links!

Here are a few tips to include buffet dining for your own stag party activities.

Decide on the Guest List

No, you shouldn’t invite every male guest on the soon-to-be married couple’s guest list because it will be impractical, especially in terms of costs. Yes, you have to invite the following persons since the groom will likely appreciate their presence:

  • The groom himself for obvious reasons
  • The groomsmen since the groom chose them for a reason
  • The groom’s best buddies including yourself, if you belong to the category
  • The groom’s male relatives, such as adult cousins and nephews

The bottom line: You have to consider who the groom will want to have on his stag party. You will be excused by the groom himself when you deliberately overlook the people who will make his stag party less than memorable.

Be sure to keep the golden rule about deciding on the number of people in a stag party: The less number of people there are, the less number of concerns you have to think about. You will have less number of people to invite, to ask for their monetary contributions, and to be concerned about for their behavior.

Determine the Costs of the Party

Many best men are now considering taking the stag party to a buffet restaurant first for economic reasons. You can ask the guests, for example, to pay for their own way or you can ask the buffet restaurant for bulk discounts since you’re in a large group. No matter your strategy, you will save on the costs of feeding a large party with a catered meal before the real fun begins.

When determining the total costs of the party, be sure to consider these details:

  • The transportation services in case you’re planning to hire a limousine
  • The rent for the venue where the party will happen, such as a hotel room, a party place, or a mini-golf course
  • The costs for the alcoholic drinks after the party has eaten their fill at the buffet, such as when you’re taking the guys to a strip club
  • The miscellaneous expenses, such as the tokens for arcades and videogames, perhaps even the chips for the casino

The great thing about being the best man is that you can fulfill the dreams, in a manner of speaking, of the groom for his own stag party. You can plan a wild adult party complete with alcohol, music, and women or you can opt for a wholesome party playing games like kids.  But first, be sure to feed the gang the best in international cuisines at Red Hot World Buffet!

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