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Fitness First was founded in 1993; the first club was in England, but since then the company has grown to be a leader in the global fitness industry by expanding to include 16 different countries.

Fitness First is a proud partner of Team GB, working with their athletes and coaches to create three exclusive programs: Group Exercise Class, a 40-minute group session that covers the five key disciplines of speed, endurance, power, agility, and strength; Gym Floor Workout, based on the same concept as the Group Exercise but taken at your individual pace and intensity; and Gym Floor Challenge, which gives you a target to keep you motivated and helps you achieve your personal best.

Below are the estimated Fitness First prices:

Type Price
Month to Month£35.00/month
£50.00 initial fee
Standard £29.00/month
£25.00 initial fee
Guest passOne day Free

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In addition to the three Team GB options, Fitness First also offers fully equipped gyms and various styles of training to help you achieve your fitness goals. They teach Dynamic Movement training, which uses your entire body—including muscular, neural, and cardiovascular systems—and challenges it through exercises that encompass natural movement patterns.

Other Fitness First training regimens include Freestyle training, where you can discover new techniques with help from fitness experts; Freestyle Group Training, which is Freestyle in a class environment; Group Exercise Classes, where you explore new training styles and techniques such as Insanity, Zumba, Yoga, or Martial Arts; Cardio Training, for strengthening your heart and lungs; and Strength Training, which utilizes resistance machines or free weights to shape your body.

Members can benefit from One-on-One training with dedicated fitness experts; these experts can also give advice on staying active outside of the gym and eating healthy to achieve fitness goals. These goals can include following a training program to prepare for an event, such as 5k runs or triathlons.

For additional information about Fitness First Gyms, visit their official website.

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