Getting the Best Out of Kaiten-zushi Dining at Yo Sushi

The Yo Sushi chain of Japanese restaurants has a fun, laidback vibe that complements its delicious line of sushi, nigiri and the like. Plus, the food is cheap so you can fill your tummy and satisfy your soul without burning holes in your pockets.


You can also enjoy the Japanese food without any extensive knowledge of the cuisine. But if you want to get the best experience out of your kaiten-zushi dining, here are a few practical tips to remember when in a conveyor system Japanese restaurant.


Get Settled In First


You just don’t grab the plates as they come by on the conveyor belt. You have to get settled in first, especially as Japanese restaurants consider good table manners a big deal.


  • Find your seat and find a comfortable position.
  • Get the ceramic mug provided by the staff, fill it with the green tea powder and hot water, and sip it, if you want to. You’re cleansing your palate here.
  • Get your chopsticks and oshiburi (moist towel).
  • Place soy sauce and pickled ginger on two small dishes. Ask for wasabi, if you want it.


Now that you have the basics, you can start scouting the belt.


Pay Attention to the Dishes


In most conveyor belt-style Japanese restaurants, the dishes are classified according to a system of colors and plates. For example, all green plates can cost $5 so the number of green plates on your front will be counted to arrive at your total bill.


You have to be careful about the number of plates lest you end up with more meals than you can afford to pay. With Yo Sushi’s delicious dishes, it’s so easy to indulge in as many dishes as your stomach can hold.


Know the Basic Etiquette


If it’s your first time in kaiten-zushi dining, you should take the time to know basic etiquette.


  • Don’t put soy sauce on your rice. Instead, take the fish off its bed of rice, dip it in to the soy sauce, and put it back. You have to remember that the soy sauce will likely be too salty so there’s no need to dunk the entire fish in it.


  • Don’t rub your chopsticks because it’s considered rude.


  • Don’t use the pickled ginger as a topping or garnish on the dishes. You can use it to cleanse your palate in between the different tastes of the dishes and, thus, allowing you to savor their unique flavors. For example, you can munch on it after eating yellowtail sushi and before diving into the red snapper sushi.


Here are the must-have dishes in Yo Sushi’s restaurants, just so you know what to expect:


  • Inari sushi, sweet parcels of delicious soft bean curd (tofu) with sticky rice
  • Edamame, pods with spring onions and salt flakes
  • Kaiso sushi, marinated seaweed with su-miso sauce, which is then wrapped in nori
  • Avocado maki, roll made of soft avocado, mayo and nori
  • Yasai hand roll, inari, tamago, and cucumber with mayo, which is then presented in a nori rice cone


Come to Yo Sushi now and get your fill of Japanese goodness!

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