Greggs Prices

Always Fresh, Always Tasty.

All bread in a Greggs bakery is made fresh by expert bakers. They bake in small amounts throughout the day; any left overs are diverted away from landfills through options including charitable donation, composting, and anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion is a new process that takes food and converts it into energy.

Greggs was founded in 1951, when its namesake John Gregg decided to stop delivering eggs and yeast on a pushbike to families and instead bake the bread himself. Gregg’s quickly became popular for their distinctive taste and texture. When John passed away in 1364, his son Ian took over the business. Since then the company has expanded, acquiring other bakeries and investing in a Technical Centre during the 2000s. Greggs now boasts over 1,600 shops that offer both chain-wide products and regional specialites.

Below are the estimated Greggs prices:



Bacon (Roll)£1.75
Bacon (Baguette)£2.50
Sausage (Roll)£1.75
Sausage (Baguette)£2.50
Omelette (Roll)£1.75
Omelette (Baguette)£2.50
Bacon & Sausage (Roll)£1.85
Bacon & Sausage (Baguette)£2.60
Bacon & Omelette (Roll)£1.85
Bacon & Omelette (Baguette)£2.60
Sausage & Omelette (Roll)£1.85
Sausage & Omelette (Baguette)£2.60
Extra Bacon 45p
Bacon & Cheese Wrap£1.65
Porridge £1.00


Latte (Regular)£1.75
Latte (Large)£2.00
Cappuccino (Regular)£1.75
Cappuccino (Large)£2.00
Mocha (Regular)£1.75
Mocha (Large)£2.00
Americano (Regular)£1.50
Americano (Large)£1.75
White Coffee (Regular)£1.50
White Coffee (Large)£1.75
Espresso (Regular)£1.35
Tea (Regular)£1.00
Hot Chocolate (Regular)£1.65
Hot Chocolate (Large)£1.90

Greggs is constantly improving their customers’ experience and their business. Their Technical Centre is constantly seeking to create new recipes; they are constantly seeking to offer healthier option on their menu; they are actively pursuing the idea of anaerobic digestion; they have a strong online presence, including several social media accounts; and they work closely with their charity, Greggs Foundation. A grant-making trust, Greggs Foundation distributes over a million pounds per year to charitable organizations throughout England, Wales, and Scotland.

Another perk to being a Greggs customer is their Rewards program. Interested customers open an account and transfer funds. They can then use their smartphone to pay for their purchase from the account. The account also offers rewards like a free breakfast at sign-up and a “for every seventh hot drink get the eight one free” deal. Using the Rewards also enters a customer into monthly prize drawings.

For additional information about Greggs, visit their official website.

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  1. Mattie said:

    Not happy, the price list doesn’t involve the chocolate brownie… Mattie is very disappointed with your actions as he is a greggs gooner

    September 1, 2016

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