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Headmasters was founded in 1982, riding the dream of two stylists and their assistant. The trio committed themselves to offering both the best hairstyles and the best service. Because of their dedication to their clientele, Headmasters has a very loyal customer base.

The international salon chain now boasts over sixty locations across the UK and Norway, and franchising opportunities allow for future growth. Each Headmasters salon is based around the same style of contemporary elegance. They hold themselves to high standards, only building in the more exclusive areas of the UK such as Bath and Weybridge.

Below are the estimated Headmasters prices:


Cut & Blow Dry

All services include a luxury shampoo, conditioner, an head massage

Ladies Cut & Style£44.00- £100.00
Men's Cut & Style£31.00-£65.00
Wash and Blow Dry£30.00-£55.00
Hair Up Styling (45 min)£55.00


All services below without a cute much be accompanied by a finishing blow-dry at an additional £28.00

Full Head/Tissue Lites/Balayage£87.00- £131.00
3/4 Head Foils/ Tissue Lites/ Balayage£74.00- £120.00
1/2 Head Foils/Tissue Lites/Balayage£70.00-£100.00
Single Foils (Max 10 Foils)- price each£3.50-£6.50
Full Head Tint£54.00-£71.00
Re-growth Tint£37.00-£48.00
Plant-based colour£26.00-£32.00
Completely Gorgeous - 1/2 head Foils plus Glossing£110.00-£140.00
Summer Lites£68.00-£84.00
Full Head Bleach including Toner£70.00-£100.00
Colour Change per 45 minutes Toner£75.00-£85.00

Men's Grooming Servies

Haircut & Style£54.00
Grey Blending/ Comb on Colour/ Freehand Highlights£16.00
Beard and Brow trim including hot towel massage £16.00
Tea Tree scalp treatment£10.00
Hairline Shape UpComplimentary (if next appt is scheduled)

Straightening & Texturising

All services below without a cut must be accompanied by a finishing blow-dry at an additional £28.00

Straightening (with X-Tenso)£100.00-£125.00
Straightening for men (with X-Tenso)£50.00-£65.00
Repair & Restore blow-dry treatment£150.00- £250.00


Kerastase (Elixir Ultime 24 Carat Ritual. Oil enriched to give shine and radiance)£35.00
Awapuhi Wild Ginger (Luxurious treatment with Kera Triplex)£35.00
L'Oreal (Fiberceutic Botox for your hair. Repairing and Conditioning)£25.00
Nioxin (Dermabrasion Treatment Scalp cleansing, regenerating, & exfoliating)£25.00
Kerastase Intense Ritual (Elixir Ultime Plus)£20.00
Pureology (Hydrate Hydra Whip Masque, Strength Cure Masque and Perfect for Platinum)£20.00
Kerastase (Nutritive, Reflection, Resistance Ritual or Densifique Treatment£15.00
Nioxin (Deep repair hair masque)£15.00

Children's Cut & Blow-Dry

Girls 10 years old and under (30 min)£11.00
Boys 10 years old and under (30 min)£11.00
Girls 11 to 14 years old (30 min)£20.00
Boys 11 to 14 years old (30 min)£15.00
15 and 16 years old (Girls 45min/Boys 30 min25% off adult prices

Headmasters’ commitment to its clients does not stop at providing cutting edge styles. They want to ensure that their clientele are extremely satisfied – it is for this reason that they offer an unconditional guarantee. If a client isn’t happy, they want to know and to rectify the situation.

It is easy to see why Headmasters is in high demand. Just a quick visit to their website shows their dedication to style; the site also displays their many awards and accomplishments for your perusal. Headmasters offers several services to their clients, from hair treatments to micro-wand styling, hair coloring to bridal styles, even various blow-dry techniques.

All of their services are listed online, alongside their pricing list so you can plan your spa day down to the last pound. In addition to their salon services, Headmasters also offers short tutorials online to help customers – and potential customers—handle their own hair between visits. These tutorials, called “Master Classes,” cover anything from short hair styling to the various types of hair knots.Headmasters takes their commitment to people beyond just their clientele.

For additional information about Headmasters, visit their official website.

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