How the Perfect Wimpy Hamburger Gets Made

While customers will not usually be allowed to know the trade secrets behind the making of every Wimpy hamburger, we can surmise about them, nonetheless. Here are a few things that can be concluded from being a regular patron at the chain of fast-food restaurants.


The hamburger is another form of a sandwich with its meat, vegetables, and dressing components sandwiched between two buns. As a handheld snack – although many snobs will eat it with a knife and fork – it should retain its structural integrity (i.e., not fall apart) from the first to the last bite.

Indeed, the perfect hamburger should neither be too thin as to be paltry nor too thick as to present a challenge to the diner’s mouth – it should be just right in thickness for the average mouth to take a nice bite of. It must also have the right quality and quantity of ingredients to prevent slippage – the literal falling out of the ingredients out of the hamburger and into the lap instead of into the mouth.

Flavour ProfileFlavour Profile -

Appearances aside, the perfect hamburger should have three distinct layers of flavour, namely:

  • Tender, juicy and flavorful bites from the 100% premium beef, the heart and soul of every self-respecting burger
  • Crisp freshness or sharpness from the vegetables depending on the kind used (i.e., lettuce has a nice crispness while pickles provides a pleasant sharpness, either of which complements the meat)
  • Cheese, sauce, and toppings add flavours in several categories, such as the cheese being sweet, tart, or savoury

You can mix and match the ingredients but when you can achieve these three layers of flavour, then you are well on your way to enjoying one of Wimpy’s hamburgers.

Meat Quality

While other types of meat like turkey, chicken and pork have been used for burgers, the undisputed star of the burger is still coarse ground beef. But herein the fast-food makers differ in their opinions about the quality of the beef best for burgers especially in terms of fat content.

As a rule of thumb, however, the beef should have at least 20% fat content to ensure its succulent and flavorful taste on the mouth. Each batch if coarse ground beef must then be seasoned with salt and pepper before being chargrilled and rested after cooking. Keep in mind that the ground beef should ideally have no other herbs, condiments, and spices to distract from its natural flavors – anything else may well be a sacrilege.

And when you have everything together, it’s time to sandwich them in the best bun possible and voila! You have your Wimpy burger.

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