How Tobey Carvey Makes Its Delicious Fare

Tobey Carvey, as the Toby Carvery’s chain of restaurants is affectionately called by its satisfied customers, continues to establish its reputation as among the best carveries in the United Kingdom. Such a reputation partly comes from its wide range of delicious dishes especially its meats with the accompanying vegetables, gravy, and trimmings.

How do the chefs achieve such world-class quality in Toby Carvery’s kitchens? Here’s a few things to know that you can also apply in your own kitchen.

Preparing the Meat

The meat in a Sunday roast should be the star of the show and, thus, it should have the right flavour profile, the right level of doneness, and the right mouthwatering appearance. The chefs probably achieve such a delicate balance by:

  • Adding a bit of brown sugar when seasoning beef, which will not only enhance the flavour but also turn its surface into a mouthwatering golden-brown colour.
  • Using a vegetable trivet in roasting a joint and adding a bit of water to enhance the moisture level in the meat (i.e., a vegetable trivet is simply a bed of chopped vegetables).
  • Soaking gammon in water overnight, which will remove the salt but retain the flavour.

Of course, you have to use the right temperature and cooking time to get the best flavours from the meat. But that’s not all there is to preparing the meat either since you have to ensure that it’s properly carved with a sharp carving knife.

Cooking the VegetablesCooking the Vegetables -

Keep in mind that the vegetables should complement the meats as well as provide the vitamins, minerals and fibre as counterpoints to the meat’s protein content. A few tips for great vegetables in Sunday roast include:

  • Steam the vegetables since it’s the best method for great colour, flavour, and taste.
  • Push the potatoes through a sieve or use a ricer for the smoothest mash.
  • Avoid overpowering the vegetables with too many herbs and condiments since their natural flavours will be lost and your meal will not be as great as expected.

Indeed, treat vegetables with respect and you will likely encourage kids to try them, too.

For the Yorkshire puds, gravy and trimmings, you may apply these tips:

  • Cook the Yorkshire pudding in small batches for better control over their cooking times.
  • Use the juices from the roasting pan to make the tastiest gravy, aside from using the dark burned-in bits at the bottom of the pan since these will add colour.
  • Add a small amount of butter to the stuffing to add more flavour and crunchiness.

All of these will require a bit of hard work so your best bet for a hassle-free yet delicious Sunday roast dinner is to get your family to Toby Carvery and just enjoy the food.

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