Increase in Costa Coffee Prices UK Doesn’t Deter Coffee Lovers

The Costa Coffee prices UK have increased by 20p in 2017. The price increase applies to all of its drinks, such as the flat whites and Americanos, in all of its 2,000-plus locations.

Even the prices on drinks bought from Costa Express machines have also increased by 10p.

While there are a few customers have complained about it, many more have said that they will continue patronizing the coffee chain. This isn’t surprising as Costa Coffee has established a reputation for delicious coffee-based drinks, efficient and friendly service, and welcoming ambiance.

Plus, there’s also the fact that the Brits have established a love affair with coffee! Of course, the Brits have a continuing love affair with tea that stretches back hundreds of years but coffee has found its place in the culture, too. Let’s take a look at a few of the aspects of the coffee love affair.

Coffee Prepared by Baristas

Let’s face it. When it comes to our cups of tea, we would rather prepare them ourselves because we have our own methods of steeping the tea bags in hot water. Even when we order tea from a teahouse, we have usually established a relationship based on trust in its method of tea preparation over several years.

But when it comes to coffee, Brits are more relaxed as to who prepares it. You will likely ask the Costa Coffee baristas for recommendations about the coffee-based drinks, especially when you’re new to the coffee culture. Even when you have been around, so to speak, you may still ask the baristas when you’re feeling more adventurous in your caffeinated drinks.

Coffee Like the Way Americans Prefer It

The Brits may be a stickler for traditions in their tea but their coffee tastes are similar to the Americans’ preferences in many surprising ways. The most popular orders are the cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites, which are also served with whipped cream and flavored whites. These are also popular in the American coffeehouse chain with the green mermaid logo.

Many of the Costa Coffee regulars have even become coffee addicts, if not coffee geeks. Espressos are consumed by the cup to fight off the blues, even exhaustion. Lattes in their bowl-sized containers are popular orders in cafés.

If you find yourself thinking that the café in London you’re in looks and feels like a Seattle coffeehouse, then don’t be surprised. The American coffee culture continues to have a significant impact on British coffee culture despite the proximity of other coffee-loving countries, such as Italy.  This can be attributed to many factors, such as the demand for breakfast-on-the-go, the emergence of a Brit foodie culture, and the closure of long-established pubs.

Think of the rise of the coffee culture in the United Kingdom as the manifestation of another culinary tradition that will likely stay, just as tea did. In fact, Britain is considered as among the world’s foremost places for a vibrant coffee culture, as evidenced by the sheer number of coffeehouses and the popularity of coffee-related events, such as the World Barista Championships.

In the end, even the small increases in Costa Coffee prices UK will not deter the coffee addicts and geeks from getting their fix!

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