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Jamie’s Italian was founded in 2008, opening the doors of its first location in Oxford. Since then, the restaurant has grown to encompass 30 locations worldwide; the company won’t stop there. Jamie’s Italian has plans to expand to even more countries and cities around the globe. Jamie’s Italian was founded on a love of the Italian culture – not just their food, their entire way of life. Every dish is inspired by Italian tradition, but the recipes are adjusted to match the innovative chefs in the kitchens.

Because of the heavy Italian traditions ingrained in the restaurant’s way of thinking, Jamie’s Italian only offers certain foods when they are in season. They also have a strong vegetarian menu, since many Italian dishes focus on produce rather than meats. Jamie’s also boasts gluten-free items and allergen awareness. While you can view all nutritional information online, the restaurant reminds you that you should always speak with the wait staff if you have a dietary restriction or allergy. While the entire menu can be viewed online, the website warns that availability of certain dishes can vary based on location and season.

Jamie’s Italian offers several items on their menu, from wines and cocktails to rustic Italian entrees and decadent desserts. Another feature of the restaurant, aside from the food, is their rewards program. Jamie’s Italian Gold Club offers free tasters for every visit, a dedicated hotline for priority booking, monthly specials, and more exclusive offers. Interested patrons can sign up online—the website even bribes you by listing a current monthly special.

Jamie’s Italian’s restaurant is rather impressive. It’s easy to navigate, clean, simple, and highly informative. Visiting patrons can select the language of their choice and investigate all that Jamie’s has to offer. The menu page is separated into Anipasti & Nibbles, Mains & Sides, Pasta, Desserts, Kids, and Drinks. Each offering is described and has a price listed. Patrons are given the option of booking a table online, to help cut back on the time spent waiting before a meal. Online booking is a fairly simple process, and you can reserve a table for a party size of 1-16. The location of your choice’s number is also listed, should you prefer to call instead, in addition to the address and hours of operation. Jamie’s Italian also has a shop on their website, with the option of delivery. Patrons can order anything from food to tableware to chocolates.

For additional information about Jamie’s Italian , visit their official website.

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