Jimmy’s Prices

Get to know Jimmy’s Restaurants and why it’s a great pick for family dinners.

While buffets are known for the wide selections they offer, they also typically get a bad rap for serving average food. Some say that this is because they focus too much on the quantity, the quality has been sacrificed. These things aren’t the case for Jimmy’s Restaurant, though. This buffet diner offers a wide selection of great food despite letting you eat as much as you want.

Below are the estimated Jimmy’s  prices:



Monday - Friday

Child (11 and under)£4.50


Child (11 and under)$6.50


Monday - Thursday

Child (11 and under)£7.50

Friday - Saturday

Child (11 and under)£8.50


Children(11 and under)$6.50

A Little Background

Jimmy’s Restaurant has been around for a while as it started out in 2003 as a world cuisine buffet chain known as the Jimmy Spices. They offered all-you-can-eat Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Thai cuisine, which made them the first of their kind in the UK.

The company grew and opened a few more locations until it went to liquidation in 2011 and became the Jimmy’s World Grill. They’ve transformed and improved from what they were before and is now one of the better known world cuisine buffets in the country.

What Sets Them Apart

What makes Jimmy’s stand out from competitors like Flavourz, Red Hot World Buffet & Bar, and Boars Head World Buffet are the following things that they get to offer:

  1. Possibly the widest food selection from a restaurant. They have more than 100 dishes from different cuisines to choose from, so you definitely won’t run out of options when dining. They offer Thai, Chinese, Japanese, American, Indian, Italian, and local cuisines, giving you a wide range of choices when it comes to your meal.
  2. Eat as much as you want. Being a buffet restaurant, you can eat to your stomach’s content at Jimmy’s.
  3. Family-friendly. Jimmy’s pride themselves to being a family friendly restaurant, offering not only a wide array of food items that everyone will enjoy, but a wholesome atmosphere as well. They make sure that everyone is well-accommodated, so no one leaves dissatisfied.
  4. They have a wok station where food can be prepared right in front of you. Unlike other buffet restaurants where food is already available on the food station, Jimmy’s Restaurant also has a wok station where you can watch chefs prepare your meal. This is also great for those who doesn’t want to eat food that has been sitting in a serving plate for a while.

Why You Should Dine Here

If you always find yourself having a hard time choosing where to go on family dinners, then Jimmy’s is the best pick for you. Their wide array of food options will provide ample choices for the whole family, no matter how diverse your tastes and cravings are.