Knowsley Safari Park Prices

Knowsley Safari is calling all adventurers!

Are you an adventurer or lovers of animals? If so, Knowsley Safari is the place for you and your family! Experience the wildest day out full of excitement with a trip to family-favorite, Knowsley Safari.

Knowsley Safari has a wonderful tour with over 800 wild animals spread across 550 acres of land! The animals include baboons, tiger, wildebeest, lions and camels. This exciting scenery can be viewed all from the comfort of your personal car.

Below are the estimated Knowsley Safari Park Prices:


Entry Prices

Adults (16 and over)£16.50
Children (3-15)£12.50
OAPS (60 and older)£12.50
Children under 3FREE
Family (2 Adults & 2 Children)£55.00
Walk in Admission£7.50

Annual Membership Prices

Child/OAP'S £36.00

Amusement Rides

Members Only (all day)£8.00
Per Ride£2.00
Wristband (all day)£10.00

Group Prices

15 or More People

Child (3+)£9.00
Senior Citizen/Student£9.00

The drive through lion enclosure is a real highlight of the safari drive while for many visitors the baboons are the stars of the show. Whether up close, on the Baboon Bus or by taking the car friendly route, you’ll get a great view of the monkey madness; the boisterous baboons that have become Knowsley’s trademark.
An all day destination, and the fun doesn’t end with the Safari Drive at Knowsley.

There are multiple attractions at the Knowsley’s Safari! In the Walkaround Area, you can take a walk on the dark side through the Bat Forest which serves as home for over 100 Egyptian fruit bats, or just simply marvel at the birds of prey. The ‘beak to face’ Birds of Prey Experience includes vulture feeding, flying displays, bird handling and even the chance to see a baby bird hatch. Anything could happen as they swoop and dive just inches above your head, it’s so exciting!

You can also have the opportunity to get up close and personal at the Giraffe Tower and the Elephant Platform. In addition, one could see the sea lions splash around in our sea lion show! If you wish, you get acquainted with the family of meerkats, or bravely venture into the Bug House.

At the park you can also see an array of native British wildlife. Ten species of waterfowl nest around the park’s Mizzy Lake; kestrels and buzzards can be spotted in the woodland and with patience brown hares, stoats, weasels and squirrels can also be spotted.

As well as all the amazing animals there is an amusement park with rides and play areas to keep the kids busy the entire day!

There is a long history of keeping animals on the Knowsley Safari park. Edward Stanely opened the Park in 1971. Before opening the Earl of Derby had a private menageries with over 90 species of mammals and over 300 species of birds. Keepers at the Knowsley Safari Park are always available to talk about the work that it takes to protect species and care for the animals properly. They are always open to answer questions.

For more information about Knowsley Safari Park, please visit the official website.

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