Leon Price

Leon is an award-winning fast-food brand that specializes in seasonal and naturally fast food. They are known for getting inspiration on the natural healthiness and flavors of Mediterranean cooking.

The table below contains information about Leon Prices and the latest menu items.


Hot Boxes

Served with Italian brown rice & fresh slaw

Chargrilled Chicken Aioli£6.80
Chargrilled Chicken Aioli£6.80
Chargrilled Chilli Chicken£6.50
Chicken & Chorizo Club£6.95
Sweet Potato Falafel£5.95

Lunch Boxes

Served with Italian brown rice

The Leon Gobi£3.95
Thai Green Curry£4.95
Chicken Lemon & Olive Tagine£5.45
Moroccan Meatballs£3.95

Superfood Salads

Chargrilled Chicken Superfood (In)£5.80
Chargrilled Chicken Superfood (Out)£6.95
Chargrilled Chicken & Chorizo Club (In)£5.95
Chargrilled Chicken & Chorizo Club (Out)£7.15
Original Superfood (In)£4.80
Original Superfood (Out)£5.75
Shredded Kale & Peanut (In)£2.95
Shredded Kale & Peanut (Out)£3.55
Ham Hock & Lentil Salad£4.65
Ham Hock & Lentil Salad£5.60


The Leon Chicken Burger£5.75
The Eden Burger£6.25
The Bunless Eden Burger£5.75


Chargrilled Aioli Chicken£4.80
Sweet Potato Falafel£4.25
Chicken & Chorizo Club£4.95
Fish Finger £4.60
Grilled Halloumi£4.55

Sides & Snack Pots

Leon Baked Fries£2.35
Crushed Pea Salad Pot£2.30
Hummus & Khobez Flatbread£2.65
Leon Fresh Slaw£2.30

Poached Egg Pots

Poached Egg & Truffle Gruyere£1.95
Poached Egg with Ham Truffle Gruyere£2.35
Full English Breakfast Pot£2.35
Smoked Salmon & Avocado Pot£2.95
Poached Egg & Saucy Beans£1.95
Poached Egg with Chorizo & Saucy Beans£2.35
Poached Egg with Ham & Saucy Beans£2.35

Good Morning Muffins

Sausage Muffin£2.95
Smoked Salmon & Egg Muffin£3.75
Bacon & Egg Muffin£3.75
Bacon Muffin£2.95

Menu Selections

The focus of their menu is on unrefined cereals, seeds, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. In order to promote healthy eating, they look to replace butter with olive oil; and instead of using salt, they will instead use herbs and spices to flavor their dishes.

The encourage people to eat fish and chicken, but they also have some red meat on their menu.

They have meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. LEON has special dishes for children and those that you can order all day. For breakfast, if you want something light and fruity, you can try a Greek Yogurt Pot or Smoked Salmon & Avocado Pot.

The Experience

If you’re looking for something hot and filling, go for Moroccan Meatballs Hot Box, or Chicken & Chorizo Club Hot Box. For dinner, you can choose from a variety of burgers, such as Grille Halloumi burger, and Fish Finger Burger. Their drinks range from fruit shakes to coffee drinks.

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LEON was founded by chef Allegra McEvedy, Henry Dimbleby, John Vincent. The company was named after the father of Vincent, Leon. The company created the concept naturally fast food in 2004, when they opened their first store in Carnaby Street.

In 2009, Chef McEvedy focused on television and writing work, but remains a company shareholder. The brand has received numerous awards over the years, including: Best New Restaurant in Great Britain (2005), Rising Star (2006), Gold Palm Award for the most innovative, newly opened restaurant in Europe (2008), Outstanding Contribution Award (2014), and Best Value Restaurant Operator (2015), among many others.

They have also produced cookbooks marketed in the United Kingdom and the United States.

For more information about LEON Restaurants, visit their official website.