Loch Fyne Prices

Loch Fyne Restaurants is a seafood restaurant chain in the United Kingdom. They are popular with customers celebrating special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries. Better book ahead of time though, because the restaurants easily get filled during lunchtime and dinner.

Celebrate a special event with your family and be delighted with the vibrant atmosphere and with the way they prepare your table, making the occasion even more wonderful. The meals are always served fresh and you will get a superb value for your dishes.

Menu Selections

Their main menu consists of Appetisers, Starters, Oysters, From the Sea, Fish Bar, From the Land, Vegetable Sides, and Seafood Sides. Start with a Crab and Clam Chowder and an order of Haggis and Seared Scottish Scallops.

They have breakfast dishes and set menus for lunch and dinner. The set menus are at a fixed price for two or three courses, and includes your choice of one side dish.

Examples of their mains for lunch are Twice-Cooked Pork Belly and Scottish Rope-Grown Mussels. For dinner, you can try Chargrilled Aubergine Rolls and Squid Tempura.

Check with the specific restaurant however if they serve the dishes that you crave when you book your reservation. This is to ensure that those will be provided once you arrive.

Below is the latest Loch Fyne menu with prices.

Food Price


The Loch Fyne Breakfast£8.95
Full Scottish Breakfast£8.95
Poached Loch Fyne Smoked Haddock£6.95
Loch Fyne Smoked Salmon£6.95
Grilled Loch Fyne Kippers£7.95
Mushroom, Egg, and Tomato Tart£5.50
Bacon, Egg and Mushroom Tart£5.50
Haggis Tattie Scones£5.50
Bacon Tattie Scones£4.95
Eggs Benedict£5.95
Scott's Porridge£2.95
Granola Yoghurt Pot£3.95
English Muffin or Toast£1.95


Loch Fyne Oyters (12)£22.95
Basket of Bread£2.25
Marinated Mixed Olives£2.75
Chambord Kir Royale£7.75


Loch Fyne Smokehouse Ashet£9.95
Lobster Bisque£6.75
Fish Pie£6.25
Lightly Smoked Mackerel£6.95
Razor Clams£7.50
Squid Tempura£6.25
Scottish Rope-Grown Mussels£5.95
Pan-Fried Chilie and Garlic King Prawns£6.50
Herb-Crusted Sardines£6.25
Haggis and seared Scottish Scallops£7.95
Crispy Sprats£4.95
Duck and Chicken Liver Parfait£5.50
Minted Pea Risotto£4.95
Roasted Field Mushroom£5.95

From The Sea

Poached Loch Fyne Smoked Haddoc£12.95
Whole Baked Lobster£24.95
Pan-Fried Megrim Sole£15.50
Hake with Cheddar Herb Crust£15.95
Seafood Grill£22.50
Scottish Rope-Grown Mussels£12.95
Fish and Chips£13.95
Seafood Tagliatelle£15.50

From the Land

Aberdeen Angus Chargrilled Burger£12.50
Honey-Roast Pork Belly£14.95
28 - Day Aged Rib-Eye Steak£19.95
21 - Day Aged Sirloin Steak£18.95
Wild Mushroom Gnocchi£10.95

Fish Bar

Loch Fyne Kippers£12.95
Line-Caught Hake£13.95
Line-Caught Cod£15.50
Loch Fyne Scottish Salmon£15.95
Gilt-Head Bream£16.50
Seasonal FishVaries

The Experience

Loch Fyne is serious about wanting to provide an excellent experience for their customers. For this reason, they encourage everyone to sign up to receive email updates from the restaurants.

They will also send you invitations to exclusive seasonal offers and restaurant events.

Once you become a member, you will receive a £10 voucher. And on your birthday, you will receive a complimentary glass of champagne. If your birthday is coming up, be sure to sign up 14 days prior so they can give you the offer.

Loch Fyne took its name from a sea loch, or a tidal inlet of the sea; the inspiration came from Scotland’s west coast.

Much of the smoked fish and shellfish served in their restaurants come direct from the loch. It’s first name was Loch Fyne Oysters.

The company was renamed after it was acquired by Greene King PLC in August 2007. Loch Fyne Oysters still operates, but under a different ownership.

They also supply most of the restaurant chain’s seafood ingredients. Loch Fyne Restaurants is a member Gourmet Society, which offers discounts to their members.

For more information about Loch Fyne, visit their official website.