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Let’s Work for Wildlife!

The history of London Zoo is rich!  Little know that London Zoo is the actually the oldest scientific zoo.  Originally it was  supposed to be used for a collection for a scientific study.  In 1847, it opened to the public and this is when the magic began.  The London Zoo is the largest zoo in the United Kingdom with 806 species of animals.

Below is table containing London Zoo Prices.

Type Price

Online Ticket Price Peak Season (Until 1 November 2015

Peak Season (Until 1 November 2015

Adult £22.50
Adult (Including Donation)£25.00
Children (3-15)£16.65
Children (3-15) Including Donation£18.50
Adults Fast-track£27.00
Adults Fast-track (Including Donation)£29.75
Children Fast-track£20.25
Children Fast-track (Including Donation)£29.31
Children under 4FREE
Exclusive online Family Offer£68.04
Exclusive online Family Offer - (Including Donation)£75.60
Adult Flexi Ticket£27.50
Adult Flexi Ticket (Including Donation)£30.26
Child Flexi Ticket£21.65
Child Flexi Ticket (Including Donation)£23.99

Ticket Prices at the Gate

Adults (Including Donation)£27.00
Children (3-15)£17.10
Children (3-15 years) Including Donation£19.00
Children under 3FREE
Concessions (Senior, Student, or Disabled Adult)£21.87
Concessions (Senior, Student, or Disabled Adult) Including Donation£24.30

Youth Group

Winter 14/15£18.00
Winter 14/15 (Including Donation)£9.00
Peak Season£10.00
Peak Season (Including Donation)£11.01
Winter 15/16£9.00
Winter 15/16 (Including Donation)£10.00
Groups of 10+ save 25% on advance tickets and 15% at the gate

There are multiple attractions to the Zoo which Include:

Gorilla Kingdom, Into Africa, Rainforest Light Nightlife, The Mappin Terraces/ The Outback, Land of the Lions, The Aquarium, Animal Adventure, Tiger Territory, The Reptile House, Giants of Galapagos, Kamodo Dragon, B.U.G.S, Penguin Beach, In with the Lemurs, Meet the Monkeys, Butterfly Paradise, African Bird Safari, Snowdon Aviary, and Blackburn Pavillion

With more than 800 amazing animal species to discover, as well as live shows and fantastic, immersive exhibits including Tiger Territory, this is an unmissable attraction.

Visitors can enjoy interactive experiences throughout the zoo; including Penguin Beach – watch the penguins dive, swim, frolic and feed; Gorilla Kingdom – come face to face with the majestic Western Lowland Gorillas; and Rainforest Life – journey high into the treetops to meet a variety of amazing rainforest species.

Visitors are also welcomed to watch the animals during feeding times and talk at no extra cost!

For more information visit the London zoo’s website.

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