London’s 5 Quirkiest Coffee Shops

Perhaps you are a person who would like to try different kinds of food and drinks and are not satisfied with the usual fare offered in most restaurants and cafes like ZaZa Bar.

Continue reading for you will find in this article some of the quirkiest coffee shops in London that will tickle your palate to no end. Here are some of the oddest cafes you will find in London.

The Love Shake

This is a Fifties-style coffee shop/milkshake bar located in Shoreditch. It is interestingly furnished with diner booths retro American style. The place is decorated with an arcade machine, vintage lamps, vintage posters and US car license plates pasted on the walls.

Aside from their free coffee refills throughout the day, they also offer traditional and alcoholic milkshakes and hot dogs as well.

Cereal Killer Café Cereal Killer Cafe -

This is the first UK café that is fully dedicated to cereal coffee. You are given a choice of 100 cereals sourced all over the world which you can take for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The coffee shop also allows you to customize your bowl with 12 different types of milk – with vegans, vegetarians – together with 20 various toppings.


This coffee shop is designed for those who love board games. It offers an extensive list of board games that their customers will enjoy. But of course, there are drinks and snack, as well as wines and craft beers.

As you enter the joint, a cover fee will be charged, but you are also allowed to bring your own board games. Or you can buy one of the board games offered at the counter if you don’t have it at home.

This place also hosts board game tournaments and design workshops conducted by game designers and theme nights.


This is a Russian coffee shop that charges you on the length of your stay but also offers you unlimited tea and biscuits for free. Upon arrival, you need to get an alarm clock on the cupboard, take note of the time you arrive, and keep the clock with you as long as you are inside the joint.

The place charges a standard 3 pence a minute. That will mean, if you stay there for at least an hour, you will have to pay £1.80. You are not required, however, to stay for a minimum time. That means you can just pay several pennies for a hasty cup of coffee.

Scooby’s Boutique Coffee Bar

This is a dog-friendly café located in Muswell Hill. Aside from fresh coffee, biscuits and cakes for humans, this joint also offers treats for their four-legged friends such as puppacinos, flap jack russells and dog-gestives. Their varieties of “dogilicious” foods also include roast chicken muffins and cheese bone biscuits.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

This coffee shop has the distinction of being the first cat café in London. Customers can enjoy coffee with their furry friends. According to co-owner Anna Kogan, the idea of this café is to offer their customers high tea or peaceful lunch amidst cute and neat little cats. If you love cats, this is your place to go.

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