Longleat Safari Park Prices

This amazing drive-through park is arguably the first ever outside Africa. Located in Longleat, United Kingdom, The Longleat Safari and Adventure Park is still an outstanding tourist attraction and a top destination in the world. It incorporates a drive-through animal park, an Elizabethan house, and an amusement park. It occupies an expansive 9000-acre piece of countryside in Wiltshire.

Below are the estimated Longleat Safari Park Prices:


All In One Day Ticket Online

Explore incredible attractions in one day

Adult (15-59)£28.00
Child (3-14)£20.35
Senior (60+)£22.05

Deadly Day Ticket

Adult (15-59)£28.00
Child (3-14)£22.35
Senior (60+)£22.05

Two Day Ticket

Adult (15-59)£38.65
Child (3-14)£30.55
Senior (60+)£32.35

Annual Pass

Adult (15-59)£88.20
Child (3-14)£70.20
Senior (60+)£74.40

House & Gardens Ticket

Adult (15-59)£15.75
Child (3-14)£11.25
Senior (60+)£13.95

Longleat/Cheddar Combo Ticket

Adult (15-59)£39.15
Child (3-4)£20.65
Child (4-14)£27.90
Senior (60+)£33.30

The History of Longleat Safari Park

The adventure and safari park was officially opened for the public in 1966. Its establishment can be traced back to the Chipperfield’s circus. The show featured an old century English family popularly known as the Chipperfield Dynasty.

The Chipperfield Dynasty began with James Chipperfield who conducted and participated in animal exhibitions in England. Throughout the 19th century, the Chipperfield dynasty gained popularity to become one of the famous circuses after the second world war.

One of the members of the dynasty, Jimmy Chipperfield, separated from the circus and ventured into farming and animal exhibitions for film production. He fully ventured into safari parks, making visits to drive-through parks out of England. He also toured Longleat and Woburn Abbey.

Jimmy finally pioneered and became a co-founder of The Longleat Safari and Adventure Park. The park was the first drive-through park ever established outside Africa. Inside the park, animals captured were kept for visitors to watch as they drove through. Today, the park is home to more than 500 animals.

Attractions and Reserves at the park

Flamingo valley

  • Home for Chilean flamingoes, Ibises, Hornbills, wood and whistling ducks.

The East African Reserve

  • A 60-acre portion of the park reserved for wild animals typically found in the East African region. These include giraffes, zebras, dromedary camels and the helmeted guinea fowl.

The vulture venue

  • Consists of different species of African vultures and grey crowned cranes.

The monkey jungle

  • Home for the blackbuck and rhesus macaques’ monkey.

The wallaby woods

  • With less ferocious animals, tourists can get off their vehicles and tour the section on foot. The reserve consists of warthogs, red-necked wallabies, pygmy goats, African tortoises, tapirs and lemurs.

The Tiger territory

  • Home for Amur tigers.

The Lion country

  • Contains African lions.

The Cheetah Kingdom

  • Consists of 6 different cheetahs.

The Wolf Wood

  • Home for the Canadian timber wolves.

The Half Mile Lake

  • A small water body consisting of hippopotamuses, white pelicans, and the sea lions.

The Gorilla Colony

  • Consists of three small male gorillas.

The Gorilla Island

  • An Island on the half mile lake that is home to Nico, an elderly, male western gorilla.

The Big Game Park

  • The park is home to ostriches, roan antelopes, bactriaan camel, blue wildebeest, horned oryx, ankole cattle, white rhinos, and the David’s deer.

The Elephant Section

  • The park is home to an Asian elephant popularly known as Anne. Anne shares her territory with three Nubian goats. The elephant territory also has a newly-built elephant house with an outdoor grass paddock, a plunge pool, sandpit, rock, and log piles, as well as posts for body scratching. The new house is adequate enough for new elephants if held captive.

Other attractions

  • Bat cave for bats, scorpions, and rats.
  • Stingray Bay for stingray marine species.
  • Penguin Island with a colony of penguins to watch.
  • Jungle kingdom with monkeys, chimpanzees, anteaters and many more.
  • Animal adventure with exotic reptiles, mammals, birds, and insects.
  • Jungle Express Railway- a one-mile long railway which passes through the jungle kingdom.
  • Jungle cruise aboard a water vessel on the half mile lake.
  • The park has other numerous attractive sites open for the public at affordable prices.

Customer Reviews

Generally, the estate has received many positive customer reviews and feedback especially featured on Google reviews.

Some of the customer reviews:

  • The Longleat Safari park being a nice site for a day out or family fun day.
  • Large space and territory for animals unlike other zoos where animals are confined in small cages.
  • The park allows tourists to have a closer look at the animals.
  • The park has a constant inflow of visitors all through.
  • Very delicious food at the restaurant.
  • Clean, hygienically kept toilets.
  • Facilities available for people with disability.
  • Very friendly tour guides.
  • Others wish that more animals would be brought.
  • Some visitors complain of strict, tight rules within the park.

The Longleat Safari Park is truly amazing and offers visitors a good return for the money paid. With the capability of making a drive-through, visitors have access to almost every end of the park.

For more information about Longleat Safari Park, please visit the official website.

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