Luxurys Gym You’ll Love in the UK

For many people looking for a gym to exercise in entails reviewing what classes are offered and what equipment are available for use.

The availability of professionals within the gym and the assistance they offer are also often considered. However, there may be others who look for more than just these things in a health club.

There are those who look only for the best offerings such as top of the line trainers, exclusivity and more. The UK has several luxury gyms that meet the standards of those with an eye only for the best. Here are three of our favorites.

Virgin Active, Repton Park

Located within Woodford Green in Essex, this gym sits quietly in a park, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Frequented by local celebrities and the more affluent, there is much to love about the place.

Like other Virgin Active clubs they offer a wide array of activities such as Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Burn 360, Nova, Clubbercise and more.

They also offer weight lifting, circuit training, core workouts, cardio, spinning and the like. Level three personal trainers are available to assist and offer advice as well. Housed in an old chapel, this gym features a beautiful swimming and spa area reminiscent of ancient baths.

Other exercise areas are covered by intricate vaulted ceilings as well. The place makes for a quiet workout with serene and beautiful surroundings at the same time.

The Bulgari HotelThe Bulgari Hotel -

Right at the end of Hyde Park is a posh hotel that holds a Spa and Fitness Center for which it is best known for. With the likes of Hugh Grant and Elle McPherson frequenting the place.

At about £2000 to £5000 membership per year clients get exclusive access to the two storey complex that contains a private spa, steam rooms, a fitness room, ice showers, treatment rooms, a relaxation room and saunas.

Star trainer Lee Mullins oversees training at £100 an hour for those interested. The gym also provides complimentary alkaline water, seasonal fruits and nuts. Members can expect a spacious interior with Italian furniture and Bvlgari green tea aromatherapy.

KX Gym

A members only private fitness club situated in Brompton Cross, this exclusive gym is home to stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Laura Bailey and Kylie Minogue. Unlike your normal gym this fitness center which was converted from an old restaurant is much more like a sanctuary.

Pristine showers and extremely clean workout areas are what greet members along with modern furniture and traditional materials. Personal trainers work with you one on one at £75 per hour and classes are purposely small to ensure that each member is trained correctly.

The club also provides well being and beauty services as they work closely with therapists and experts to provide complete health, wellness and beauty services to members. Joining fees for KX Gym start at £1000 and yearly fees can range from £2000 to £8000.

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