Make Your Ming Moon Meals Healthy!

Ming Moon fans will likely be the first ones to admit that the casual dining restaurant’s food and drinks can be too indulgent. Calories, fats and sodium can quickly add up with each bite of the delicious chicken, pork and beef dishes, among others.

But that doesn’t mean that you should steer clear of the Chinese-themed restaurant. The trick is in making healthier choices so that filling meals with lower calories, fat and sodium content can be thoroughly enjoyed. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Get Your Fill of the Tea

 Tea is not only calorie-free – it’s also one of Mother Nature’s best drinks. Studies have shown that tea is abundant with antioxidants. Your body’s basically getting anti-aging free radical scavengers.

Plus, you’re likely to feel fuller after drinking a cup of hot tea. You’re then less likely to overindulge in the dishes and desserts.

Skip the Sweet and Sour Sauces

Of course, the sweet and sour lemon chicken and crispy beef dishes are among the most delicious in Ming Moon. But when you’re on a healthy eating plan, you should either limit your portions of skip these dishes.

Why? These are high in sugar level – that’s where the sweet part comes in. Plus, the meats are usually breaded, battered, and deep fried, a triple threat to your health.

If you want savory sauce, your better choices are garlic and brown sauces. These contain less sugar but has plenty of sautéed vegetables and meat. Just be sure to use them as a side or sparingly because of their high sodium content.

Be Rice-wise

Rice can be your friend or foe in a Chinese restaurant. While rice can provide energy-boosting carbs, these can also add unwanted sugar and calories.

You have to limit your rice intake. Keep in mind that a one-third cup of rise will raise your blood glucose level in the same way as a single slice of bread.

If you must have rice, ask for steamed brown or red rice since it’s healthier than steam white rice and fried rice. You will also like the thought that brown rice has higher fibre levels than white rice.

Steam Is the Way to Go

Egg rolls are delicious but when you consider their nutrient value, you’re likely to find healthier choices. Each egg roll can have as much as 200 calories and 6 grams of saturated fat, no thanks to the fact that it’s deep fried.

Your best bets: Spring rolls and steamed dumplings. Spring rolls are like egg rolls in many respects but are healthier because these are steamed, not fried. Steamed dumplings are also delicious but have lower calorie content (80 calories each); limit to just two per meal.

You can also order entrées filled with vegetables like beef and broccoli. Since these entrées come in generous portions, you should share it with a friend or two.

And eat Peking Duck at Ming Moon, too! The crispy skin coupled with the tender meat is culinary heaven but be sure to limit your portions, too. You can always come back another time for more.

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