Nando’s Not-So-Secret Recipes

Secret menus are a thing in fast food chains and even coffee shops like Starbucks all over the world, and Nando’s is no exception. Having over a thousand locations around the globe, there bound to be more than just your favorite spicy chicken hiding in the menu of Nando’s. And today, we reveal these not-so-secret recipes to those unfortunately unaware.

the-peri-tamer-priceguidelady-co-ukThe Peri-Tamer

The Peri-Tamer chicken wings come with a milder version of Nando’s famous Peri-Peri sauce. It tastes the same but not nearly as combustive as its parent hot sauce. This milder version of the sauce is actually not a secret since you can see it on the kids’ menu although of course is not offered with the adult meals. But you can ask for some Peri-Tamer if you want a milder sauce on your chicken wings or burger. There is no shame in wanting something milder.

Hawaiian Chicken Chili Melt

This is exactly what it sounds like – the spicy chicken burger version of Hawaiian pizza. The Hawaiian Chicken Chili Melt is a big chicken burger with huge chunks of pineapples in it, slabs of cheddar cheese, and of course, a whole lot of chili jam. It’s a mix of sweet and savoury that will surely knock you off your feet.

However, not all Nando’s restaurants serve this treasure, although they are available in a lot of Nando’s in the UK and across Europe. But don’t worry – even if the Nando’s servers have no idea what on earth a Hawaiian Chicken Chili Melt is, you can just tell them how to make it for you since they surely already have all these ingredients in the kitchen. It may take a bit of time explaining, but it’s worth the shot.

Super Crispy Chicken Wings

Yes, you can have your regular Nando’s chicken wings extra crispy if you ask for it. Just ask your server to make them super crispy, and most Nando’s restaurants are familiar with this request.

They just have to cook the wings for a little longer than usual and this should make the chicken skin just a little bit crispier, served with your favorite Peri-Peri sauce and a selection of sides.

Aside from these secret menu items, you can also ask for beanie and vegetable fillets on their own, a chicken fillet, feta cheese on the side, or a chili wrap. You can also ask for multiple sauces to go with your order.

Sharing platters also have their share of “secret” awesomeness – you can have half of the platter with Peri-Tamer sauce and the other half regular Peri-Peri chicken wings, or whatever you want your sauce to be. The world is your playground. Or rather, Nando’s menu is your playground.

Now you know what else to try on your next visit at Nando’s!

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