Nuffield Free Pass

The combination of a Nuffield Gym and free guest pass encourages more and more people to exercise in a commercial gym, with or without the guidance of a personal trainer or a cardio instructor (e.g. Zumba). Indeed, the network of gyms across the United Kingdom is dedicated not only to making its clients fit but to keeping them fit for a lifetime.



The network of Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Gyms is part of Nuffield Health, the largest non-profit healthcare provider in the United Kingdom today. Nuffield Health itself was established on 14 January 1957 when the British United Provident Association founded the Nursing Homes Charitable Trust. Its primary goal: To acquire and build facilities designed to address the demands of modern medicines and to meet the needs of the community for modern medical care.

Today, Nuffield Health operates more than 70 Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Gyms as well as more than 30 Nuffield Health Hospitals across the country.

What Sets Them Apart

Nuffield Health is distinguished from its competition by its wide range of in-gym facilities, amenities, and services available for all members. Among its best assets include:

  • Free day pass to non-members, which enable an interested individual to try out the gym’s facilities for free. The pass is valid for 7 days starting from the day of download at its official website.
  • Free personalised exercise programme for all new members
  • Network of fitness and health experts including personal trainers, health mentors, physiotherapists, physiologists, and nutritional therapists.
  • Convenient access to all the gyms in its network
  • One-hour in-depth health check-up conducted by a Wellbeing Personal Trainer or Health Mentor
  • Social events in every gym are conducted

Why Become a Client

Indeed, each Nuffield Gym is not just a place to increase your cardio endurance, muscle mass, and flexibility but also a place where you will find a community of like-minded individuals. You can become part of a community of fitness experts and enthusiasts wherein expert guidance and compassionate support can be found.

As a member you will enjoy these benefits, too:

  • Pre-exercise health checkup, which include tests for body mass index, resting heart rate, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar level, and aerobic fitness. These tests are necessary to determine your overall physical condition so that your personalised programme can be formulated.
  • Comprehensive range of cardio, flexibility, and strength training equipment as well as classes including Zumba, BodyConcept, and BodyAttack, among others. You can choose from among these programmes depending on your preferences in exercise. You will also have the benefit of several fitness and health experts for guidance.

Other benefits include the Beauty Suite, Nuffy Bear Day Nursery, and nutritional therapy.